• Three Poems


    Taurus Rising

    Rising the tidal waves
    Of my lechery and lust
    That lash against the nippled
    Mounds bouncing on the supple
    Shore of your brown naked,
    Wet body beautiful,
    O non negotiable,
    Unquestionable, Beloved,
    And unstoppable in
    Concupiscent fury.
    Allow me dismantle your
    Alluring hourglass corset,
    Strip by strip of its black,
    Velvety, see-through baleen frame.
    Behold the viscous hour
    Unticking and untocking.

    Time is a nightingale
    Sweetly singing and fading.
    Space is a fragile goblet
    Dropping into a black hole
    And spurting its content.
    O towering Babel of Bliss,
    Let us kiss till death do
    Us part. Open your Holy
    Of Holies. My titillating
    Tongue shall unlock
    The chastity belt of your
    Modesty and shyness.
    Let our moist loins conjoin,
    Gyrate—your gentle pull,
    My furious tumescent thrust—
    Till we crumble into wanton dust.

    * * *

    A Woman of Independent Means

    Legions of rejected suitors
    And unrequited lovers
    Have given me pejorative
    Names like “gold digger”
    And “social butterfly.”
    But I assure you I am none

    Of these. I am simply a
    Woman of independent
    Means who always makes
    It a point to enchant a filthy
    Rich romantic to liberate
    And make me independent
    From a wolf-calling, ass-
    Pinching, boobs-mashing
    Horde of other equally
    Lusty but destitute dudes.

    * * *

    The Promise

    Because I subscribe
    To the old cliché that
    Promises are meant
    To be broken, I do
    Not want to please
    Or disappoint you
    By remaining neutral
    And non-committal.
    Thus I refuse to make
    A pledge that I love
    Or hate you with all
    My heart in a world
    Of flux where the only
    Things constant are

    Maybe I will and maybe
    I won’t. Right now,
    By Shiva, I still have
    A thousand shards
    Of broken promises
    To glue together,
    Repair and break
    Again like imitation
    Ming vases. The only
    Promise I can assure
    You is not to promise
    Or unpromise you
    My dear or pet-peeve
    Everything or nothing.


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