Three Poems by Maya Daniel


Comrades are Always There to Help

today, I help, as we always do,
sewing Comrades’ gun holsters
ammo pouches, repair their
tattered pockets, stitch loosened
buttons and hems, change zippers,
help them clean rifles, check
rifle magazines and ammunitions,
medical kit, as they had helped me
carry pad papers, booklets and
my other miscellaneous when
these weight too much, and for a time,
I just can’t leave these things anywhere,
and Comrades carried me too
When I was wounded,
Behind this physical support
Comrades are always there to help.

* * *


This is our second day of stay in the village
We had washed our clothes on day first
And cooked the best food we can have;
Today, we solve with the peasant folks,
A problem on water for household use in the village,
We shared news update, and their clandestine
Activities of building red political power
Tomorrow, we will secure food supplies to bring
By sunset, we will leave for another journey
Other peasant masses are waiting
At the other bend of the road.

* * *

We love the flowers rising

my poem goes with the wind
swirling through the hieghts
It has something to tell—
we love the mountains
and the flowers all rising
our pathways bacome
long corridors of colors—
the red, orange and green . . .

my poem penetrates
every petal flower veins
the intricacies of bougainvillaeas
a bloodstream connecting us
sharing common dreams—
we love the mountains
we love the flowers rising
we love freedom!


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