Three poems


A sky meanwhile on a lookout for martyrs.
Conflict for which takes upper crass between
Stating these placentas are flags
Waving these placentas as the airport stills
Rice wine and followers dribbling on every word?
Whose labs to whose self
When after every puff a state the size of?
Cabinets shadowing the spans of our arms.
White crayons stripped from one rise to the next
Yet that was daylight was there grain
To imagine spreading as if narra flowers
As if pieces of summer raked for the sun to dry
Asphalt a godbeholden plane unbuckling to land.

Blockade the fairies
Consult the unconsulted
Xerox the ashes to ribbons
Language the foreign
Incomplete, a verb
Hand where sigh can zzz them
Kiss where governable and untoward
Whispered to

2F Highway Gallery
1. Pull out all sheets of a temporary yet sturdy personnel
2. Prohibit times chaotic and gyrating
3. Disband and disarm a pun evocative of the internal
4. Indemnify and ensure the safe return of a force familiar to inhabitants
5. Secure, transform them into yellow pages
6. Arrest and prosecute all moments of introspection
7. Stop Weapon and Tactics (SWAT)
8. Drop also a pedagogical toy for each detainee
9. Revoke residency at Akademie Solitude
10. Remove Evangelist and pregnant women


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