• Three sectors push manufacturing


    The manufacturing output of the country surged double digits or by 18.3 percent in August because of the over 100-percent rise from furnitures and fixtures, chemical products and leather products.

    According to the monthly volume of production index (VOPI) from the National Statistics Office (NSO), the increase was caused by three sectors out of the 20 major manufacturing produce: Furniture and fixtures with a 175.4-percent boost in August compared to same period last year; chemical products with 145 percent and leather products with 101.9 percent.

    From the 14.9-percent manufacturing growth in July, August manufacturing went up by 0.8 percent to 18.3 percent with major rises in wood and wood products (19.6-percent increase), chemical products (13.4 percent) and basic metals (10 percent).

    “The proportion of establishments that operated at full capacity was 22.7 percent in August 2013. About 55.1 percent of the establishments were operated at 70-percent to 89-percent capacity while 22.2 percent of the establishments were operated below 70-percent capacity,” the NSO said.

    Besides the three, some 10 major contributing sectors posted an increase out of the 20 that includes: basic metals, beverages, tobacco products, food manufacturing, nonmetallic products, rubber and plastic products, as well as wood and wood products.

    On the other hand, among the decliners in production were electrical machineries, transport equipment, other machineries, miscellaneous manufactures such as buttons, footwear and wearing apparel, petroleum products, textiles, paper and paper products, fabricated metals, as well as publishing and printing.


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