Three Southeast Asian nations in top 20 cybercrime victim list


BANGKOK: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are now among the 20 worst-affected countries for cybercrime last year, according to a US-based security software firm.

“Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are the three Southeast Asian countries joining the ranks,” said Khongsak Kortrakul, senior technology service manager of Trend Micro (Thailand).

The government’s policy to transform Thailand into a digital economy seems to have attracted a swarm of international hackers, he added.

In Thailand, Android-based devices will become a more serious target for mobile malware in line with an increase in fake mobile apps and phishing to steal identify.

Khongsak said online and mobile banking will remain the main target in 2015 as consumers still lack awareness to take security measures such as two-factor authentication solutions to prevent identity theft.

In 2015, he said eight global security trends will be highlighted on mobile malware and more sophisticated cybercrimes.

William Tan, country manager for Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam at Trend Micro, said data breaches at major retailers globally are projected to cost $1 billion this year.

“We found that new security threats are created every second, with 80 percent originating from the Middle East and Eastern Europe,” he said.

More than 90 percent of organizations have active malware, yet more than half are not aware of these intrusions.

Trend Micro expects bright prospects in Thailand this year, helped by the government’s infrastructure megaprojects and digital economy policy, Tan said.

However, financial institutions, telecoms and manufacturing will remain the top three spenders on enterprise security.

Trend Micro is focusing on providing products and services to cover the greater variety of users’ devices including cloud-based data centers.

The countries most affected by cybercrime include Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan, France, China and South Korea.



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