Three times (not) a lady



On De Lima: Accusing other people is an act of desperation to muddle the real issue – that of her involvement in the drug syndicates inside the NBP as confirmed by high profile inmates. After consistently hitting President RRD with no result, she is now trying to divert the issue by hitting on other people including a religious organization. She is now the laughing stock of everyone because of her notoriety for twisting facts and even resented even by her own party allies. We all know that she got the ire of the former mayor of Davao City when she accused him of being responsible for the killings that happened during his watch.

Her recent futile attacks recently include:

“Duterte stance on China undermines PH victory in sea row—De Lima”

“De Lima accuses Duterte of ‘diluting’ West PHL Sea ruling to appease China”

“Senator De Lima filing cases vs. President Duterte”

“De Lima: Revolutionary government likely under Duterte”

“De Lima calls for Duterte to face crimes against humanity inquiry”

“De Lima to ‘naive’ Duterte: Stop making yourself enemy of the world”

“Leila seeks probe on pacts signed in China”

After all these efforts to malign PRRD, she was dismayed by the consistent high approval and trust ratings of DU30, as reported by all major survey groups.

And so a new recipe was concocted to dilute the connecting dots of her guilt. Expect more “conspiracy theories” coming out of her fertile mind designed to “arouse” sympathy to a “helpless” lady.

Instead of defending her driver Ronnie Dayan, a lot of peeople have this playing in their minds. If indeed he is innocent, the a former DOJ secretary, should have asked him to come out and submit himself to the courts of law to clear his name. She was once quoted that “flight is an admission of guilt” when Senator Ping Lacson tried to evade arrest by being a fugitive. Terms of endearment prevails.

* * *

Harry Roque advises Duterte: Visit US or face regime change.

Isn’t he the same lawyer of Jennifer Laude who despised US Embassy’s protective handling of American serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton? And the same lawyer who opposed EDCA? Winds do change directions everytime. Especially with weather disturbance called “politics.”

* * *

Just wondering why we give names so long like NDRRMC or National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. Why not just National Disaster Council or NDC. We do not have to put the job description in a title or name. Or else we will end up with National Disaster Risk Reduction Alert Search Rescue Relief Rehabilitation Management Council or NDRRASRRRMC. Isn’t it understood that NDC stands for all these functions?

* * *

It is this message of PRRD to the police that sends chills to everyone. “Bahala kayong tuparin ang inyong tungkulin, I will always back you up. Kapag lumaban, unahan nyo na. Hindi baleng ako ang makulong.” It may look normal and within the bounds of law but we all know that some police elements may take advantage of the situation brandishing this marching orders as “license to kill.” I appreciate the intention to instill fear to the criminals to stop their wrongdoings but this could also mean the temptation to abuse their power and deviate from their original mandate to defend the safety of the citizenry at all costs. And so are the criminals camouflaged as law enforcers. If lawyers have different interpretations of the law, more so the implementors guided by the “green light” coming from the commander-in-chief himself. I understand the frustration of the President in waging a war against these monsters but it could have been better if he said “go after these crooks but I’m warning you, you have to answer to me personally, if you harm innocent civilians.” I am with him for lasting peace in the streets but we don’t want it replaced with fear of the “guardians” of peace and safety.

* * *

I agree with Secretary Taguiwalo. Conditional Cash Transfer program is not the solution to poverty. The budget that runs into billions should be used instead to create jobs and employment opportunities, not dole outs that encourage mendicancy.

* * *

In these last twenty years, I believe that the smartphone has emerged as our most important photographic tool. Absolutely the most important tool in terms of abject democratization and access to photography. Combined with always-on networking, and the right platforms, it forms the core of giving everyone in the world — especially those in emerging economies for whom a camera is an impossible purchase, but a smartphone is now a necessity — the ability to embrace photography in whatever way they deem fit. That’s a special thing, and one not easily dismissed.

* * *

Newswriting is about the tiny details and margins of people and objects that conspire to create a great experience of a story. Be they in the form of a picture of a book with balance of whitespace or the tension and haptics of an old brass doorknob in an old office. Substance first and style second.

* * *

No harm in forging new ties. Worrisome is the implied condition of the new friends to discard the old ones. Sad reality is knowing in the end that the economic ties of the old and new ones are stronger. And that ultimately, we will be left behind.

* * *

News: UP Pep Squad pulls out of UAAP Cheerdance Competition. No use joining guys if organizers are not “cheerful” enough to entertain a valid protest.

* * *

“Just like freedom, Truth is not cheap. Yet both are worth more than all the gold in the world. But what is freedom, if there is no truth? And what is truth, if there is no freedom? Both are worth fighting for — because one without the other would be hell.

– Suzy Kasse

* * *

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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  1. Delima is certainly not a lady. The way she acts and the things she has done has earned her a disbarment case from the good citizens of this country,

  2. John Chameleon on

    De Lima is facing a dilemma right now. Her brain is now convoluted because of her past corruption she can’t deny. Ever since in the history of the Bilibid, no luxury kubol were constructed except on her term. The rest of the corruption issues have all the needed evidence. It’s a matter of what the DOJ will decide, to file a case or not. The nation is waiting for Aguirre. All talk and no walk is what is seen on the DOJ regarding the De Lima matters. Aguirre is sleeping it seems. Or he is intimidated by De Lima?