The three-wheel do-it-all vehicle


    Italy was devastated after World War 2 that there was a big need for transporting people and goods around its own localities. However, four-wheeled vehicles were very expensive and operating them was also prohibitive. Fortunately, Italian Vespa inventor Corradino D’Ascanio came up with idea of building three-wheeled vehicles and Enrico, the son of the founder of Piaggio, supported the idea.

    So the Piaggio Apé was born and grew to have many names from Apécar up to just Apé. This marvel of engineering has provided a lot of opportunities for businesses to peddle goods and services where full-sized vans cannot go. The three-wheeled vehicles are now made in India and sold in the Philippines.

    Apé efficiency
    The Piaggio Apé is now available through Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises Inc., (APE Inc.), which is part of Motohub, a member of the Autohub Group of Companies. The non-conventional vehicle, manufactured in India by Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd., stays true to its promise of efficiency.

    The Apé boasts of a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine that is naturally aspirated, air-cooled and has direct injection. With a displacement of 435cc, the Piaggio engine is the smallest diesel engine in the world but can handle a half-ton load. There is also a smaller gasoline engine for lighter loads.

    The workhorse vehicle can achieve 30 to 36 kilometers per liter in urban roads including EDSA and other highways. Even when the Apé’s load capacity is achieved, which is up to 535 kilograms, it is still classified as a non-polluting vehicle.

    Apé customization
    All Piaggio Apé variants are fully-customizable and can fit the needs of business owners. They can choose from the different configurations of its four models namely: Drive Away Chassis; City; Passenger; Long Deck; Closed Van; and Three-Wing Van.

    A lot of people have turned it into mobile stores, transport vehicle, roving advertising platforms and so much more! Apé’s passenger carrier mode is deemed much safer than most tricycles and provide better riding ergonomics.

    It also has reverse transmission and can negotiate 22-percent gradient.

    Arangkada Pinoy Entrepreneur
    With the campaign Arangkada Pinoy Entrepreneur, APÉ Inc. offers a unique business strategy for budding and current Filipino entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the game by transforming stationary establishments into mobile businesses.

    It boasts of low maintenance cost and is backed up by years of dependable operations in India.

    Find out more of Piaggio Apé’s three-wheel wonder by logging on to www.piaggioape.com.ph.



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