• Thrillahs in Manila

    Rene Saguisag

    Rene Saguisag

    On the tax exemption proposed for Manny Pacquiao (and other winning athletes), had he been a model citizen, the exemption bill might have had an underdog’s chance. But, the Congressman is competing as top House absentee and has started his own dynasty in Mindanao (elected wife and losing brother[?] in government). Good, Speaker Sonny Belmonte disfavors this invidious exemption discrimination in favor of an arguable tax cheat.

    And what will he do with his savings anyway?

    Unless truly reformed, would he be on a usual binge? Finance his vices, womanizing, losing in casinos and cockpits, funding the lavish parties of his mother (imported DIs from Manila and costume changes) at a time of great want, etc.? Manny turned 35 this week, a rather perilous age for one who indicated that he would take out Rios in two rounds or so but the latter carried the fight to the last teng.

    Remember, Manny, first your legs go, then your reflexes, then your friends.

    Manny’s tax woes are far from over with Bob Arum, a Harvard Law cum laude, saying the IRS papers are on their way from the U.S. By snail mail? Kim Henares says the BIR started raising questions more than two years ago.

    Pacquiao Canadian adviser Mike Koncz now says with more candor that a compromise with the taxman is being worked out on exemptions to reduce Manny’s liability. So what’s the real deal? Settlement may be the way to go.

    Tax exemption for Manny may spur more of the young to go into the Manly Art of Modified Murder (Bill McGeehan) and risk joining Joshua Garcia, the high school student in an athletic meet declared first as brain dead and then very, very dead. Maybe Manny can visit the reportedly financially strapped Garcias with a generous cash gift.

    Brain damage
    How much damage has Manny’s brain suffered? No one knows but any hard blow to the head must shake it. We don’t want anyone shuffling and stuttering like Muhammad Ali, he of the outstanding physique when he started. Manny may or may not have a longer unscheduled siesta in his next fight.

    For an even bigger bout, a 2013-14 reprise of the 1975 near-death “Thrilla in Manila” between Pretty Boy Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier, covered by Smokin’ Joe Cantada and refereed by Sonny Padilla.

    The un-elected Supreme Court (SC) may knock out the elected House in that the latter may not continue to ignore the son of a Justice as the one to represent Marinduque – as a grave abuse of discretion (GAD). This is one area where a new Constitution should clarify the situation.

    I have always agreed with Chief Justice Berting Concepcion that GAD should apply only to a martial law situation, e.g., the military refusing to release a successful habeas corpus petitioner unless Macoy recalled his arrest order (Arrest Search and Seizure Order [ASSO], Presidential Commitment Order [PCO], or Preventive Detention Action [PDA]. Shockingly, the SC ruled self-servingly that it could decide where a petrochemical plant should be located, or prevent the sale of Manila Hotel to aliens, who own and run our better hotel chains.

    SC may also mean Secretive Court.

    P.D. No. 1949 of 1984 created the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF). The money stripped from the hides of plaintiffs goes to where collected for the benefit of local personnel and for local infrastructure.

    I wonder how much has been collected by Manila since 1984 as such JDF. Its courthouse is a disgrace and some casuals would tell me years ago they were paid but a few thousands monthly.

    I have asked my studes to seek the answer on the JDF from the Commission on Audit, Manila courts (Regional and Metropolitan Trial Court Executive Judges), the offices of the Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice or Spokesman Teddy Te, and the Court of Appeals Presiding Justice – and get a mid-term passing grade on which to build.

    Spokesman Teddy should tell us when the SC started going online on the JDF (so secretive this SC would even give rulings only to parties or their counsel as ACCRALaw and I found out to our grief in one case we dueled in before settling).

    Secret decrees Sen. Tanny Tañada, Abe Sarmiento and Mabini knocked off in April 1985 even via a Macoy SC but where do we take the SC?

    There is no secrecy on aid to Tacloban, whose Thrillah was between Sec. Mar Roxas and Mayor Alfredo Romualdez that went viral. When there is a computer “hit,” I would only take it to mean somebody has read and reacted to some development but may not, without more, indicate concurrence, dissent or what-not.

    Happy Holidays! And that includes GMA who should be put on house or Metro Manila arrest. Also, Janet Napoles, who should not be mixed with common detainees lest she grab some gun and be sent to the Promised Land – where Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine are now, a better world – the possible hope and dream of some pork abusers. Dead people tell no tales.

    Peter thrilled us in Lawrence of Arabia and Joan, in Rebecca (“Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again. . . .”).

    And now 2013 Miss Int’l Bea Rose proves that when they made Gemma Cruz, they did not throw away the mold. Wotta thrillah.


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    1. Your presence, former senator Saguisag, on the pages of The Manila Times confirms that this paper’s management still has the moral values and the political and fiscal detachment that the other national newspapers don’t have.

      Carlo L. Adan

    2. Fernando Rovillos Jr. on

      One mega thrilla in Manila that were stricken off from the records of the Senate was the verbal tussle between Senators Miriam Santiago and Juan Ponce Enrile.It was a verbal judo meant to maim each others image and reputation. A privilige speech accorded to members of the august body to assasinate the character of these two distinguished legislators who are likewise considered as legal luminaries where both their hormones gone haywire.

    3. Great column mr senator rene…..great twists and turns…keep on writing….you are still sharp as ever….