Thwart whitewash, give PNoy the benefit of the blame


This is the most sensible response to the concerted program of deception, which the Administration, with the support of Congress and the crony media, has launched in order to cover up President Aquino’s accountability in the Mamasapano incident.

The political thinker and pundit, Walter Lippmann, gave this classic definition of deception: “I include under the term ‘deception’ the whole art of propaganda, whether it consists of half-truths, lies, ambiguities, evasions, calculated silence, red herrings, unresponsiveness, slogans, catchwords, showmanship, bathos, hokum, and buncombe. . .they are one and all methods of preventing a disinterested inquiry into the situation.”

Lippmann names it, the Administration has employed them all in the Mamasapano crisis.

When both houses of Congress folded their inquiries and televised hearings stopped, the public outcry against a whitewash was so deafening, Congress quickly relented and announced that they would resume the hearings.

Last Monday, the Senate called its fifth public hearing, with the committee on public order under Sen. Grace Poe once again leading the proceedings.

Predictably, as conjectured by some members of the media, the Administration unveiled a new strategy in the resumed inquiry. Where in the previous hearings, it relied mainly on a strategy of tagging fired SAF director Getulio Napeñas as the one responsible for the tragic operation, this time around it transformed the Senate into a kind of wrestling tag team.

The republic’s senators, led by Senate President Franklin Drilon, took turns in constructing a new smokescreen and cover for President Aquino so he could dilute his accountability and role in Mamasapano.

The first element of the strategy consisted of belaboring the word “misinformed.” In questioning generals who got involved in the incident when it was at crisis stage, the senators sought to establish the fact that the President was misinformed on what was happening in Maguindanao that Sunday. They conceded the fact that PNoy knew about the incident as early as five o-clock that morning.

For all their efforts, however, they could not cover up the fact that the President did nothing as commander-in-chief to order swift and urgent reinforcements to be provided to the beleaguered commandos. There were long hours when nothing was done while our elite policemen were being cut down by enemy forces.

The second leg of the strategy consisted of pinning suspended PNP director-general Alan Purisima to the wall. The senators pinned him down on (1) giving the go-signal to Oplan Exodus, (2) usurping the post of PNP commander even while he was under suspension; (3) delegating to General Napeñas the authority to launch the operation; and (4) instructing Napeñas not to inform the PNP OIC general Espina and DILG secretary Mar Roxas. But he also established the fact that he gave President Aquino continuous updates on Exodus through text messages.

The resumed hearing also gave the AFP chief of staff, General Catapang, extended time to publicly complain about the troops’ sense of grievance that the AFP was being blamed by the public for failing to go to the aid of the commandos. He discussed how concerned units acted to respond to the request for reinforcements, and how in fact the military saved a number of commandos.

Some media organizations, who have consistently supported President Aquino in every crisis, played along with the strategy, and dutifully informed the public that PNoy was misinformed during the Mamasapano incident. They also took to calling the event a “clash.”

But the verbal play had nowhere to go. The issue kept coming back to the fact that President did not lift a finger when he might have intervened more decisively. To the question whether PNoy issued any instructions to aid the commandos, the answer was always “No.”

This is the thing that has always rankled with the families of the slain commandos and the public. On a matter of life-and-death, he did not care enough to use his vast powers as president and commander-in-chief to save our men in uniform.

No whitewash, no cover-up can wipe away the shame of this failure of leadership.

People will always know and remember this.

This is why on this 25th of February, the anniversary of the People Power Revolution, people are massing at the EDSA shrine and calling on the President to step down.

“In practical terms, that means he should stop butting heads with the court and gracefully step down when his term is up,” it said.

The Mischief president is misinformed, misleading.


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  1. Grace Poe is a disguised puppet of the administration she is willing to be the adminstration candidate for President ,free of campaign money and in return she will,save the ass of her Boss Pnoy…eto ang napapala ng taong bayan sa kakaboto ng mga nasa showbiz ,

  2. Unfortunately, Poe was dragged into the quagmire of lies. She now has the share of whitewashing and lying.

  3. So sad that our government is run not by great, intelligent and honorable men and women but on platform concocted by propagandists out to save the face of a lame-duck president. And this is so all in the name of money and power… This is the kind of values that are presented in the face of our young generation. We don’t want our children to suffer from values regression. We hate to see our children someday compromising their principles for money and power or other worldly possession. All this shenanigans by our honorable men and women in government must come to a stop!

  4. Carl Cid Inting on

    The top official of the land, who authorized a suspended official to take charge of the Mamasapano debacle, should be the most accountable!

  5. Vicente Penetrante on

    As Mr. Tiglao has psycho-analyzed it, “Aquino got mad, panicked and closed his eyes to reality.” But as you put it, his friends in Congress are acting like foster-parents in pampering ‘the child.’

  6. Had Aquino received the message that the pinned down SAFs were being helped by the Army brigade, he should have called immediately Gen Pangilinan if that is true or not or he should have shouted at Gen Guerrero to act swiftly on the rescue. But that was not done. So anong tawag natin sa Commander in chief na ganito? Malaking GAGO! Kawawa naman ang mga fallen 44.

  7. To get the real truth, summon all cellphones of those involved and let’s examine the text messages sent/received indicating the time of messages. Any deleted text messages, if any, can still be retrieved. Why is the investigating panel not doing this? The only reason I know is that they may be a part of a cover up.

    • grace poe-llamanzares can get all the text messages between the parties involved by issuing a subpoena to the telcos. those text messages are in the servers of the telcos. no need to get the cellphones of the parties involved. baka nga dinoktor na nila yung mga text messages by erasing some and editing some messages. kaya lang hindi ginawa ni grace poe-llmanzares yata. was it deliberate or naivette??? i cannot say