Tiangco firm: Binay has no assets in US


IF one of the purposes of former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado in going to the United States is to look for pieces of property of Vice President Jejomar Binay there, his search will be futile, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president and Rep. Tobias Tiangco said on Wednesday.

According to the legislator from Navotas City (Metro Manila), Binay has no pieces of property in the US.

“Walang pag-aari si VP dun. Baka siya [Mercado] meron at sinusubukan na niyang itago [The Vice President has no assets there. Maybe Mercado does and he is trying to hide them],” Tiangco told The Manila Times in a text message.

Mercado flew to the US last week apparently to visit his family but the opposition suspects there could be other reasons for his trip.

Tiangco has urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to confirm Mercado’s trip to the US because his “secret” departure has raised all sorts of speculations.

He said the reluctance of the Bureau of Immigration to confirm Mercado’s departure apparently substantiates doubts that the Senate inquiry into Binay’s alleged wrongdoing is a sham.

The UNA official added that Mercado is free to travel but since he has been placed under the Witness Protection Program (WPP), he should inform government officials about his travels abroad.

Tiangco said the “secret trip” has boosted suspicions that the former vice mayor may have another agenda in the US.



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  1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    Nobody knows the truth behind the allegations against Binay. Even those so close to him does not really know all about him. For Tiangco to state that Binay ” has no properties in the the US”, is a very dangerous. It means he is the twin of Binay.
    What happens when the US investigation happening now proves that Binay has a property in the US, will Tiangco eat his words? Will he admit he is also a liar?

  2. Yes, VP Binay currently has properties in the U.S. One we know for sure in the city of Glendale California.

  3. Mr. Tiangco is defensive to protect his master and becoming paranoid. I am wondering what juicy position VP Binay promise him when he becomes president? Just asking. Mr. Tiangco, should learn from the broken promises given to vice mayor Mercado and senator Antonio Trillanes. Baka ilaglag ka rin.

  4. Congressman Tiangco my point ka jan. Bakit kailangan secret.. Nasaan ang tuwing na daan? laging bulok -utot este baloktot…de halimaw DoJ style mo bulok!

  5. Sorry i forgot to say this, i wonder before how often the binays used to go to that property in batangas which is alleged they own & where all the family would be swimming in the pool & looking like they lived there & i wonder since being accused of owning it now how often do they go there. If they have stopped going there that is very suspicious as if it was a property that they would rent every so often & relax there why would they now stop. Think about it.

  6. They always say there is a conspiracy or whatever. You cant do anything in this country without someone saying its a conspiracy, its just happening in our hoa elections. There is something wrong with the filipino way of thinking, but if you think something its ok but without proof dont say it. Ask questions yes & investigate, then when you find proof then mention it. If there is good circumstantial evidence of something going on then yes that also can & should be mentioned.

  7. Wicket Rosales on

    Shut up Cong Tiangco! Mr Mercado and VP Binay were together for 20-30 years! You don’t have the position to claim you know more than VP Binay affairs!

  8. Congressman Tiangco is like the ISIS and muslim terrorists’ kind of thinking. They presume to be always right with their ideas even if they are universallyWRONG. When will Tiangco stop defending the common people’s knowledge about the corruption of the Binays. The people and the three senators do not need any more evidence to prove Binays corruption. It is already a common knowledge that the Binays amassed WEALTH from the people’s money. Isumpa ang mga kasinungalingan ng mga Binays para pagbayaran nila ang kanilang kinurakot sa pamamagitan ng mga sakit na walang gamut.