Tiff between Cam, De Lima gets sexy


Determined to destroy Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s credibility, Sandra Cam, president of the Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines, approached media on Thursday to show evidence depicting the alleged intimate relationship of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima with her driver Ronnie Palisok Dayan.

It was all in her effort to prevent the Justice chief from being confirmed by the Congress Commission on Appointments.

Cam has been critical of Sec. de Lima for helping confessed pork-barrel scam participant Ruby Tuason become a state witness. She also berates the DOJ chief for allegedly manipulating Janet Lim-Napoles’ affidavits to favor President Aquino’s allies.

Cam said Dayan, 46, is an employee of the Department of Justice. She said he wields power, acting as fixer at the department and influences the promotion of prosecutors and other DOJ officials as well as agents of the National Bureau of Investigation.

She claimed that Dayan has substantial peso deposits, maybe reaching millions, in the Land Bank of the Philippines branch on Padre Faura Street in Manila and in the Bank of the Philipline Islands in Philcoa, Quezon City.

Cam cited the case of Rafael Ragos, who was appointed NBI deputy director in Sept. 2011, an appointment opposed by then NBI director Magtanggol Gatdula.

She said Ragos, who is not a lawyer, was the one who supervised the construction of a multi-million house for Dayan’s wife, Norly Magallanes, in Nanapla, Negros Occidental.

Dayan and Magallanes were married on April 30, 1991, as stated in a copy of the marriage contract Cam showed to reporters.

Cam said the house was a gift promised to Magallanes so she would not oppose the relationship of her husband with De Lima.

Cam also showed pictures of a farm of Dayan in Barangay Galarin, Urbiztondo, which she claimed was paid for by De Lima.

Cam said she is challenging De Lima to file libel charges against her so she could present to the court her evidence to show that De Lima is not a person of good moral character and, therefore, not fit to serve as Justice Secretary of the Philippines.

Cam also gossiped about De Lima’s alleged illicit affair with Cesar Mancao. Her statements about this alleged affair are in the affidavits she submitted to the Commission on Appointments on Wednesday to oppose Sec. de Lima’s confirmation by the CA.

Cam said her witness is no less than a certain Terry Abbas, allegedly Mancao’s mistress.

She said Abbas stayed in her house during which time the latter got pregnant. Mancao allegedly spent several days in Baguio City with De Lima. Mancao then was under the Witness Protection Program.

Mancao, along with Michael Ray Aquino, was charged for the murder of publicist Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito on Nov. 2001. In 2009 Mancao returned to the country and became a state witness.

Cam also claimed that a friend she described as a “respectable” person called her to dissuade her from attending the Commission on Appointments hearing to testify against De Lima.

She also told reporters she had bumped into De Lima at the Senate restroom before the hearing. Cam said De Lima “was washing her hands. She greeted me. Sans, good morning.” Sans is apparently Sandra Cam’s nickname.

Cam said the scene broke her heart since she could see from the eyes of the Justice Secretary that she wanted to talk to her.

“I am OK, I just have so many problems,” she told De Lima, who Cam said gave her a beautiful smile.


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  1. If we could find honest, patriotic, and uncorrupted Generals in our Armed Forces, I think the only way to solve these corruption problems would be a coup d’etat. Our Government from the executive, legislative and judiciary are so rotten with so many anomalies , thievery, corruption,
    self interest,nepotism,politics and everything negative you can think of.If we need to change and go forward to compete with our very progressive neighbors, we need a strong, honest, assertive leader who has a vision and a marshall plan for Philippines.We need to put our people first and serve their needs with basic services.like Universal Healthcare,agrarian reforms with government assistance and planning,resettlement and rehabilitation of the urban slums,waste management , investment in alternative source of energy like solar and natural gas,managing the job market , educational subsidies, etc.
    We are so consumed with all these political drama that we are going nowhere… we need some action now.

  2. Sumamasaludo ako as mga payag ninyo. Ng unit sang usapin dto ay may mas malaking problema tayo name dapat pagtunan ng pansin sang supilin ang mga buayang politiko na gahaman sa pera ng taong bay an.. Tayong lahat ang biktima dto kaya dapat bawat is a as atin ay magtulungan at kumilos para malutas ang problems.. Marahil walang kridibilidad so ms. De Lima .Ikaw ba ms cam Meron? Kung ganun ay Ikaw ang bolontaryong pumalit as kanya at ipakita mo na sa loob ng isang a raw kaya mo lutasin ang problems.dahil Ikaw ay walang kakatihan s maselang bahage mo at d mins an Hindi kumati or naingailgan ng taong kakamot nto. Wag natin itoon ang pans in sa sec of justice. Bigyan nating daan na malutas any problema magtulugan tayo. Isantabi ang personal, political, relihiyon o samahan komilos tayo para sa ikakabuti ng lahat..Hindi LNG para sa is a kundi para sa lahat. Muli nanawgan ako wag ntin itoon ang pans in kay ms. Delima malinaw pa sa sabaw ng pusit sang tunay na problema un ang dapat bigyan ng tamang atinsyon at sulusyuon.. Kung NASA pilipinas long ako.. Paliligayan ko etong gawa ng gawa ng matahimik na.. I’m sure kumakati din yan.linawin ko LNG po d ako pro ms. Delima ang hgarin ko LNG ay malutas ang tunay na problems.. Salamat po

  3. Huwag natin husgahan ang paglalahad ni Cam at bigyan natin ang pagkakataon ng mabunyag ang katotohanan. Hindi basta basta ang pagtetestigo ni Cam laban kay delima dahil ang buhay niya ang nakataya at napepeligro. Kung sakali man na talagang may katotohanan ang kanyang ibinubulgar, hindi ba natin kailangan siyang suportahan? Sana ay siguruhin natin na ang mako-confirm ng CA na pinuno ng ating department of justice ay yung hindi questionable ang integridad at moralidad.

  4. No hope for this Country, 90% of the judiciary, and most Senatongs and Tongressmen who wield power with the Commission on Appointment are held by the short and curly’s by the Malacanang tenant. De lima, Soliman are so thick faced they’ll eat anything you throw at them and spit it out, these people have no scruples their face show it all.

  5. Carl Cid Inting on

    De Lima can now add “Kilabot ng mga Drayber” to her list of titles.

  6. It does seem strange how these bank accounts arnt checked once reported. I would ask why & the only answer i can think of is they dont want to know, does that mean they are protecting that person, probably. But i think people ought to take notice of what cam says as being a major part of the whistleblowers its them people who want things sorted in this country. A whistle blower is someone who informs on wrong doers, its them we need to help this country move forward. Last night i watched after solar news a discussion about the pork barrel scam & the chairwoman was useless, all she kept doing was agreeing with the 2 guys on everything they said. Now i didnt see it from the beginning but one thing i saw was one of the guys said we wont be able to prosecute everyone involved in the pork barrel scam & she didnt test that at all. How do you get things sorted if you dont test it. The first thing she should have said is why cant we prosecute all involved. If the answer is there isnt enough evidence then thats a different thing to saying we cant prosecute everyone involved. You need competent people to ask the right questions not a yes person that just agrees with everything everyone says. Apathy breeds dishonesty & corruption.

  7. Naglahok na ang balat at tinalupan. Alingasaw na ang baho at palalim ng palalim ang mga eskandalong kinasasangkutan ng mga players ni Pnoy. Tuloy ang langoy tungo sa kumonoy ni Juan de la Cruz.

  8. Desperada ba itong Cam na ito? Mission in life na niyang siraan si De Lima?
    Personalan issues naman ito, and this is work.
    Walang personalan sa trabaho.

  9. The story here only showcase that a government worker must be honest, truthful, fair a do their jobs without influence. If a government executive does not follow the rules of fair play and honesty, one creates lots of enemies who can open a can of worms in your lifetime and skeletons in your closet. God does not sleep.