• Tiglao report untrue – Abad


    Budget Secretary Florencio Abad on Friday denied claims by former Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao that President Benigno Aquino 3rd bribed senators into convicting impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    “Absolutely not true,” Abad said of what Tiglao wrote in his column in The Manila Times on Friday.

    “You should get a more objective and reliable source,” Abad told The Manila Times reporter.

    Tiglao wrote that Aquino “committed bribery by offering the Senator-Judges the quick release of their pork barrel funds as well as an additional P100 million in such discretionary funds disguised as allocations out of the Disbursement Acceleration Fund.”

    He cited the release of Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr.’s P100-million pork barrel for 2012 after Revilla’s meeting with the President at his official residence.

    “On May 4, 2012—after his meeting with Aquino in Malacañang, which was in the last week of April, I was told— Abad released P86 million of Revilla’s P100 million pork barrel for the year. It was on May 29 that the Senate voted to boot out Corona as chief justice. These figures are from the budget department’s data,” Tiglao said.

    He said Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Lito Lapid, Francis Escudero, Alan Peter Cayetano and Manuel Villar also had their pork barrel released the day before the Senate voted to oust Corona in 2012.

    But Abad said what the senators received were part of “regular” Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) releases.

    “We’ll check but if true definitely it was not because of the meeting with the President. Maybe part of his regular PDAF but we need to validate,” Abad said.

    “Insofar as bribery is concerned, that has never been the policy nor the practice of this administration. The fact that Tiglao says so doesn’t make it so. Bribery is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of evidence. It is not proved by merely inferring from a website,” he said.

    Peachy Paderna, the Budget department’s public information chief, said in text message: “We checked our website [www.pdaf.dbm.gov.ph] and found no record of such a release.

    You can also check the site if you’d like to view all fund releases to the Senator to date. Hope this clarifies things!”

    “There are records of releases made from Sen. Revilla’s PDAF on May 4 and 7, however. These were—as with all others—routine releases. Besides that, DBM also made a release from the PDAF under Sen. Pia Cayetano’s office on May 7,” Paderna said.


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    1. I would believe Amb Tiglao’s well-researched articles over Abad’s say-so anyday. Abad is a liar and a power-hungry thief who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What he wanted was for Tony Carpio to become cj so The Firm and its friends (him included) could make money from cases, so he, Mar and Tony’s other friends from The Firm (Pancho Villaraza, Nonong Cruz, etc) joined forces with Abnoy to oust Chief Justice Corona. CJ Corona didn’t stand a chance against the money, power and ruthlessness of those people. They have no conscience.

    2. Quote for emphasis:

      “We’ll check but if true definitely it was not because of the meeting with the President. Maybe part of his regular PDAF but we need to validate,” Abad said.”

      The desperate damaged control rationale of ABad precedent is pregnant with admission and does not need any further elaboration. He is simply caught with his foot stuck inside his mouth, There is no more need to check and validate ABad because long after Jinggoy’s speech exposing the bribery of senators to the tune of at least 50 million each, you already admitted that the monies came from DAP loot that is why this hideous source of fund was exposed for the first time. In the first place, ABad precedent does not even deny that he was present in all these secret meetings with the senator-judges where he obviously have no business except that he is the holder of the keys to the loot that would be distributed.

      The reason why ABad was present in all these secret meetings between the senator-judges and CNoy is that ABad was the cook who prepared the “almusal” consisting of chinese diseases (dishes). Perforce, for the sake of civility, I’d rather call ABad as Boy Luto. If you insist that he is the root cause of COA’s discovery of duplication of SARO numbers as well as the loss of several SARO documents then you can call him either Boy Xerox oe the “Janitor,” courtesy of DOJ’s De Lima. The “Driver” is of course, MARtilyo Roxas who hammered all the under the table deals.

    3. Scenario 1 – Mar picked up bong and brought him to pnoy. It was at the height of corona trial. Bong squealed what pnoy asked him during the meeting. Pnoy and mar admitted they met but denied what bong revealed and that meeting a senator-juror was not improper or illegal.

      Scenario 2 – A pimp picked up a “woman” and brought her to a hotel room where another man was waiting and left, of course, the two. She left after about 3 hours. When the hotel tryst reached the knowledge of the man’s wife, he admitted to her meeting the “woman” in a hotel room but denied that it was or they did something immoral, He told his wife they only talked about showbiz. His wife believed her because he has been telling her he is “straight.”

      Pnoy proclaimed that he is “not corrupt” with his “i did not steal” declaration and advocates the “da-ang matuwid.” He is “infallible,” according to his minions. Therefore, people should believe him that meeting with bong at the height of corona trial was not improper or illegal.

      Tama ba sec coloma?

    4. Mr. Abad, simple lang yan!

      Kung di totoo yung report ni Mr. Tiglao, then it is libel.

      Then you go to court and file charges of libel against Mr. Tiglao.

      I dare you, Mr. Abad, to do that.

    5. Inamin ni sen bong revilla jr at pati na rin ng malacanang na kaharap si sec butch abad ng magusap si sen bong revilla, P’noy at mar roxas. kung ang pinagusapan ayon kay P’noy ay tungkol sa pressure na tinatanggap di umano ng mga senador kaugnay ng impeachment trial ni corona, bakit kailangan pang humarap si sec butch abad gayung ang trabaho niya sa malacanang ay tungkol sa mga perang gastusin ng gobyerno at ang pagre release ng mga pera sa lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno kasama na ang kongreso? Sec. Abad, paki sagot nga itong tanong ko?

    6. Abad should be the last person to talk about an objective and reliable source. His manipulation of PDAF, DAP and other budget shenanigans make Abad the least credible of sources.

    7. No amount of denials can save you and your boss. Lying is deeply stuck in your veins and more lies will sink you deeper in the quicksand you and fellow Haiyan (Hyatt) 10 members are soaked in. Humanda kayo oras na mawala kayo sa poder. The karmic “weder weder lang” saying suits you.

    8. DBM can easily removed the report from their website to show there is nothing there. Lokohin nyo lelang nyo mga sira ulo lang ang naniniwala na hindi nyo sinuhulan ang mga senatong

    9. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Abad said that Amb. Tiglao’s claim that PeNoy had bribed Senators to convict former CJ Rene Corona is not true. Therefore, the claim is true because under PeNoy, the opposite of what he and his rah rah boys say is the truth. As simple as that.

    10. santiago caisido on

      Ang nagsasabi ng di totoo baka tamaan ng kidlat. Sana walang tamaan ng kidlat sa dalawa ni tiglao at abad kawawa naman. Di baling kawawa ang mga pilipino. PI PI PI

    11. Deny, deny, deny. That’s what liars caught in their web of lies do. Abad, busted na kayo ng boss Abnoy mo. Si daldaRoxas, sinungaling din. Sama sama kayo sa Bilibid.

    12. If indeed , erstwhile Ambassador Tiglao made false reports as regards his article in his column, file the appropriate charges. I do not know him from Adam, but I believe him more than you part of the yellow ribbon klan.

    13. Secretary Abad said, Tiglao report not true – “tell that to the marines”, Secretary.

      The reports of Mr. Tiglao are very consistent and believable.