Time to awaken from Bangsamoro delusion


Here’s a cautionary tale that I want to share with friends and readers in Mindanao, and the members of the Philippine Supreme Court who will hear the two petitions to nullify the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) and the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB).

In 1991, the Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev left Leningrad for a 313-day journey in space.

Almost a year later, he returned to earth — to a city no longer on the map (Leningrad) and a country that no longer existed (the Soviet Union).

The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26,1991, while Krikalev was in space. Leningrad officially reverted to its old name, St. Petersburg.

The point of the story is that in these times of massive change, even the certainties of geography and location can no longer be assumed.

Aquino’s delusion and legacy
Something similar to Kirkalev’s experience is being forced on Filipinos by President Aquino with his Bangsamoro fantasy. For as long as he is President of our republic, we must be on constant guard because he will stubbornly cling to the delusion that Bangsamoro will be the great legacy of his presidency.

We could wake up one day to the reality that Mindanao is no longer part of the national territory, or that the Philippines has become just a state in the Malaysian Federation.

This for me is the most compelling reason for seeking a High Court ruling that the CAB and FAB are unconstitutional and invalid, and for obstructing passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in Congress. It is infinitely better to just amend and upgrade the existing and constitutional Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

Who is the Filipino not named Aquino who would wish to justify the cutting off of Mindanao from the Philippine archipelago by saying, we are giving peace a chance?

Unmask the devil in the details
Thanks to the petitions, which the SC has agreed to hear, the issue–for or against the dismemberment of the national territory–has to be won by argument in court.

To win the argument before the Supreme Court, I believe the petitioners will serve their cause effectively if they unmask the devil in the details of these onerous agreements.

They should challenge Aquino’s arrogation of powers that have not been bestowed on him by the Constitution.

They must reject the contention of the MILF that they are a nation within the nation, with roots in the very beginning of our history.

In this task, they will do well to make use of all the information and admissions secured in the hearings conducted by the Senate Committee on Local Government under the chairmanship of Sen. Bongbong Marcos. Through painstaking questioning, they extracted details of every concession made by our peace negotiators, and every demand made by the MILF.

There should be no mincing of words in calling the actions of President Aquino and his negotiators as unforgivable acts of treason against the republic that should be punished accordingly.

The hearing by the High Court of the petitions is a necessary step toward stopping the President from bribing Congress to secure passage of the BBL. By seeking to enjoin the expenditure of public money for the Bangsamoro, the project will die.

It is strategically sound that the petitioners targeted the agreements, not the BBL. Had they done otherwise, the High Court would surely rule that the challenge is premature, because Congress has not yet passed the BBL. With the agreements voided, Ferrer, Deles and Iqbal will shut up.

This way, the nation will be treated to a debate on the fundamentals of the Bangsamoro project, and the reasoning that led to it. The government will be forced to justify its decisions. Our peace negotiators will have to earn their money. Even the MILF must make its case for imagining themselves as the custodian of Filipino-Muslim aspirations for nationhood.

Because Cardinal Tagle lent his name to the ignominious mission of the Citizens’ Peace Council to sugar-coat the BBL, it is commendable that other top leaders of the Catholic Church have joined the petitions to formally question the agreements underpinning the controversial BBL. This will help to restore the Church’s gravitas on this great issue of national life.

If the SC agrees with the petitioners, it will put an end to prolonged contention over the BBL in Congress.

In the same way that the court ended all talk about the agreement on ancestral domain (MOA-AD), so will a decision to excise the FAB, CAB and BBL from our public life.

The high tribunal can do this because it is truly the final arbiter of all legal conflicts that divide the nation. The ordinary citizen knows this.

A compensatory vision
Following compensation theory in psychology, I think we Filipinos will get reparation for all the sleepless nights we underwent because of the Bangsamoro agreements.

Instead of waking up with Mindanao no longer on the national map, we will wake up next year as a nation wherein BS Aquino is no longer President. God is great!



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  1. joseluis hierbas on

    Agreement for peace in Mindanao is always welcome but not for a particular group which is the MILF, all people in the area or the total population of Mindanao should be consulted and included in the peace agreement. When the peace embraces all people in the island then, the happiness and contentment will arose and developments becomes benificial not only for the people in Mindanao but includes the entire populations of the philippines. The problem in the south involves muslims who by themselves differ in faith and in the meaning of peace. But muslims in their covenant regardless of congregations will never surrender their weapons as it is the general belief on the teachings of prophet Mohamed peace be upon him not to abandon self-preservation weapons, they may abandon their wives but not the weapons. If the weapons are within reach then peace is impossible as in muslims culture there’s Rido, there’s Jihad, revenge, the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If you kill, you’ll also be killed in their Sharia rulings. The best move is junk BBL. Develop Mindanao without considering to whom they will vote.

  2. PEACE IS ABOUT When we understand that ALL HUMANS ARE spirits in evolution and they also deserve our respect? “Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace” (Albert Scheitzer). BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU WILL ARMED THEM……

  3. Franky Lambao on

    The peace council, composed of business leaders, muslim, christian and catholic leaders essentially asking us to trust the reformist MILF, open our minds to partnership with them (including in controlling other armed units, groups and private armies in the region by enforcing the rule of law! ).

    The MILF actually began the process of peace with govt 3 years ago and in fact social devt and infrastructure programs too have rolled into war torn areas. families went back home, young children went back to school they were daily reunited for supper — the things we take for granted — exactly– PEACE. In fact the people in this area celebrated when agreement the CAB comprehensive was signed last year only.

    BBL is meant to institutionalize that dream. They should stop spreading lies and negative theories. Just pass the BBL

  4. Eve Lafferty on

    Criticism must be constructive. Propose alternatives. Make it better. But do not delay Peace and development further. Sen.Marcos says they must not be given a deadline. But pray tell us, when will Muslim Filipinos have their liberation from poverty and war and desolation?

    Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?

  5. The situation in Mindanao urgently calls for peace. Aquino would be making the right move in passing the BBL – one of the first chances in years the Filipinos in Mindanao have had to resolve conflict. Those who drafted the BBL took into consideration the interests of the Philippines and a neglected Muslim region, and also took pains to assure that it will be in congruence with 1987 constitution. It is a major step forward that is supported by so many foreign governments precisely because they see so much potential in the Philippines and Mindanao should peace be achieved. Push forward for peace – that is the first step we have to take.

  6. I praise the Lord for these recent developments that will have nipped the evil BBL right in the bud. And I pray for the souls of all the 44 fallen SAF whose sacrifice had helped awaken the Filipinos to their senses while our inept President was maneuvering for the expeditious passage of the treasonous, divisive BBL. May the Holy Spirit enlighten the collective mind of the Supreme Court in addressing the petition to its intended closure.

  7. buti pa gawin federalism ang kupal na gobyerno. 50 yrs had past and counting palubog ng palubog ang pinas, bulok na. kasi puro makitid at bobo ang utak ng mga lider.

  8. christinetan on

    In my humble opinion I would like to think that the good Cardinal “supports” the proposed BBL as to its principal and overt objective of bringing peace not only to Mindanao but to the entire country as well but not as to the covert and hidden agenda of Pnoy/MILF/Malaysia who use “smoke and mirrors” to mislead well-intentioned persons into believing that it is good for all concerned. The same cannot be said with Davide on his support for the BBL. He is so used to be used as deodorant in many misadventure of Pnoy’s administration and in all immediate past administrations. Davide could qualify as a Talentadong Pinoy with his ability to almost always wiggle his way to the Palace whoever is the occupant. It is an enviable talent shared only by a few.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Your comment on Davide is definitely TRUE. How is he able to do this? Of course, his mastery of wiggling around. God bless the Philippines.

  9. Kung magsalita ang mga ito english ng english pero nasaan ba kayo? JUNK na ang petition! Premature! hahahaha it goes to show na dumb stupid parin ang karamihan sa mga Filipinos. Magbasa basa kayo bago magcomment ng patapos.tsk tsk tsk.Entrenched in its colonial history!

    • Sayang hindi natindihan na ang najunk ay ang petition kontra BBL. Baka kailangan dagdagan pa basa. BBL hindi pa tapos. CAB at FAB tapos na napirmahan na kaya puede na kuwestyonin. Huwag naman dumb stupid laramihan ng Pilipino baka bumalik saiyo.

    • Mijares petition — Junked by SC (reason: premature). Philconsa and Paras petitions against FAB and CAB — accepted by Supremo-Korte. Deles/ Ferrer/ Leonen maybe even Ikki-bal have been told to respond in 10 days or sooner.

  10. Odnalor Obirt on

    My comment is focused to Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle who praised and signed the recommendations of the Pnoy created “Peace Panel”. Our family was so disturbed when this above mentioned cardinal publicly put himself as a supporter of BBL. BBL will use the Ideology of Quran and Implement Sharia Law with a member in the Supreme Court and 2 members in Court of Appeals. Knowing that the Quran’s (Chapter Sur’ah) mandate to all Muslims is to kill and/or annihilate all non-believers of Islam – We wonder how much he got to publicly support BBL. Our faith to the Catholic Church starts to fade.

    • NO, Hwag ka padalusldaus SI tagle AY HINDE MAY ARI NG CATOLICO… ALAM MO, y a times GINAGAMIT NI SATANAS ANG tao para messenger nya . huwag ka padala and KEEP YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH STRONG KAHIT BUHUSAN NI minister tagle ng strrongst BLEach … I MEAN DO NOT LET YOUR FAITH FADE

    • My friend, please remember that our Lord said, “Heaven and earth will fade away, but my words will not fade away.” The obligation of the bishops and the pope is to “safeguard the faith”. So if you see churchmen teaching new things, they are really speaking for themselves and not for Christ our Lord. The Church’s infallibility is limited on issues of “faith and morals”. Msgr. Tagle’s stand therefore on the BBL is solely his opinion and cannot be taken as the stand of the Catholic Church. While it is regrettable the the bishop speaks in such manner, it is really your loss if you loose the faith. So I wish you pray hard and keep the faith. May God bless you.

  11. The Philconsa initiative may yet save us the need to vote for or against the patently
    irregular surrender to the MILF.
    I hope and pray it is nipped at the bud ( again ) .

  12. “Instead of waking up with Mindanao no longer on the national map, we will wake up next year as a nation wherein BS Aquino is no longer President.” AND IN JAIL!!!

    • we should pray that either biNOY or little ms poe-pet or boy pickup NOT win in the coming 2016 presidentila derby for any of these 3 will make sure boy sisi stay out of jail. and that is not acceptable, to me at least.

  13. Rogelio Feir on

    Todate, i understand that the petition(s) has been junked by the SC as premature. So what’s next?

    • Sir what has been junked is the petition on BBL . Not the CAB/FAB for which the government was asked by SC to answer and will hear both on oral arguments to be scheduled by SC.

    • The petiti0n 0n the BBL is deemed premature by the c0urt.
      But the petiti0n 0n the c0mprehensive agreement is 0ng0ing.

    • richard chavez on

      only BBL petition are rejected but FAB and CAB petition are not rejected.

  14. BBL, only creates troubles. A waste of time and big money spent by our government. Their is a hidden agenda here. These 3 guys, Ferrer, Deles & the President, should be tried with treason.
    We, have already the ARRM, it enough.

  15. Paano ngayon Cardinal Tagle, kung mag decide ang SC na isang treasonous act ang pagsulong ng BBL? Are you willing to say sorry for the error prasing pnoy’s bbl?

    • Siguro mas nararapat na Bumaba na lang si Cardinal Tagle sa pagka Cardinal. Nakakahiya siya sa hanay ng mga kaparian. Mas makabubuti siguro na mag “Imam” na lang siya tutal santo sa kanya ang batas ng BBL.

    • Nakikialam na naman ang simbahan. Magkano kaya ang ipinangako o naibigay na ni Pnoy kay Tagle?

  16. Yes the petition before the SC challenging the FAB and CAB documents signed with the MILF will bring those documents before the public in a clear view. Now we will have the SC rule if the administration can do anything it wants in any manner it wants, or does it have to follow the rules and the law.

    • The president can do whatever he wants in the philippines, he owns the senate and house thru threats of prosecution of the Pork barrel and Dap funds that he gave them knowing they would steal the funds.

      The president also owns the supreme court since he appoints the judges just like he owns the Dept of Justice and together Aquino and De Lima continue to shield the liberal party congress from charges of graft and plunder.

      The president owns everything, should just appoint him king and the congress are the prince’s and princesses. The royalty that runs the government pass their positions on to their family thru fixed elections anyway so what’s the difference ?

  17. Venerando Desales on

    How do you deal with a fool? Just remember: ‘once a fool, always a fool and a fool never quits’! Its useless to deal with them because they were created that way, so, nip on the bud is the strategy, and banish them completely so as not to regain strength. We should not lower our guards just because a petition has already been filed with the Supreme Court. That BBL conceived by the administration must be crushed completely and relentlessly.Filipino-Muslims must not worry. We will come up with a win:win solution, not the BBL conceived in self-idolatry. Here is a guide in discernment from St. Ignatius: ‘I shall have my aim the end for which I was created which is the praise and glory of God and the salvation of my soul!’ When we make decisions based on this standard, authentic blessings flow!

  18. Alejo Rosete on

    Thank you very much Yen.
    What a Scholarly and Intelligent analysis of the Issue!

    You are really a Journalist – MABUHAY KA

  19. I can feel the frustration of columnist Yen Makabenta over the treasonous inclinations of the Abnoy and his MILF group Iqbal, Deles and Ferrer. I call the last 2 as MILF because that is where their loyalties lie. It is the same frustration that we, the readers feel about the adamant insistence of the illegitimate president to railroad the passage of an unconstitutional measure, the BBL.

    There is a mighty large percentage of Filipinos who are not in favor of the BBL. It is good that the SC has given those opposed to its passing their day in court. Arguments will be brought out and for sure there will never be any justification for the proposed dismemberment of our republic.