Time to celebrate Taiwan tourism


TTB to hold workshop for travel agents in PH

Taiwan has just been ranked as the eighth “Best Value Destination of 2015” in the Lonely Planet’s “Backpackers’ Bible.”  Taiwan’s beautiful national parks, magnificent temples and interesting museums, and delicious food, which can all be seen or had for value, are what make it attractive to tourists coming to Asia.

According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) the number of people visiting Taiwan from the Philippines is increasing year by year and the country has excellent market potential.

Consequently, after leading a group to a travel fair in the Philippines in February this year, TTB will lead another delegation of travel businesses and performers to Manila this June for the Taiwan Tourism Workshop in order to promote shopping, romance, and food-related travel products.

For the first time, Cebu will also be one of the targets of promotional efforts on June 4 at the Radisson Blu Hotel. A dinner-cum-workshop will gather local travel business operators and engage them in an exchange with their Taiwanese counterparts. Up for discussion are the latest packages and promotions for the Philippines Travel Fair in July.

The Taiwan Tourism Workshop will also present innovative cultural performances by the People’s Opera Theater, Electric-Techno Neon Gods and as well as indigenous dances; and have traditional Taiwanese sweets including pineapple cake and nougat available for tasting for free.

Media and business operators in the Philippines will experience the combination of traditional culture, modern creativity, beautiful natural scenery, and humanistic warmth that gives Taiwan its unique charm as a travel destination, promoting cooperation with the local media and travel industry to help achieve the 10 million visitor target for 2016.

Also ongoing is the “Anytime for Taiwan—Film Taiwan Action” short film competition jointly organized TTB and Google, wherein Filipinos are encouraged to vote for their favorite entry in order to earn NT$1 per vote to subsidize the cost of a trip to Taiwan.

For details, log on to www.youtube.com/user/taiwanbesttrip.


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