• Tingting Cojuangco’s list of ‘Elegant Filipinas’

    Project head Tingting Cojuangco

    Project head Tingting Cojuangco

    Social activist and Manila’s best dressed hall of fame recipient Tingting Cojuangco has another beautiful project up her sleeve. She has chosen 10 women of elegance and substance who will all be honored for “bequeathing a legacy of refinement, beauty and sophistication while humbly creating a string of personal achievements for the betterment of womankind.”

    Set for the evening of September 22 at the Diamond Hotel Manila, the event “TingTing’s List: The Elegant Filipina” will be held to raise funds for women-centered beneficiaries, including livelihood programs in Kabayan, Benguet Province and Tanaoan, Leyte, which sustain employment for women through weaving and sewing.

    “Fashion is a personal choice. In selecting apparels, these women observe the proper time, occasion and place for them to be worn. How one chooses what to wear is crucial. I believe modesty is needed to be elegant. There’s always a proper dress to wear in every occasion and we need not flaunt the body or too much accessories to show off. Attires show respect to everyone,” said Cojuanco when asked what makes a woman elegant.

    “It was difficult to come up with the 10 honorees,” she continued. “Originally, we had 14 but four would be out of town [on the date of the recognition night]. Take note that the honorees were chosen to set examples of what an elegant Filipina can be, and not just by being best dressed.”

    To summarize, the elegant Filipina celebrates her unique womanhood, her refinement, and her advocacy. She may not necessarily be the center of attention but her defining persona is one that effortlessly attracts the klieg lights.

    “Good taste and elegance are first learned at home. These women have built confidence. No stylist has to dress them,” Cojuanco added.

    The initiator of the 10 Elegant Filipinas List is herself an outstanding UST alumna, wife, mother, scholar, a doctor of history and criminology. She has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar twice, first in 1966 in a four-page spread and again 1967 as one of “100 Most Beautiful Women of the World.”

    She was permanently on the list of every “Best Dressed” roster in the Philippines from the 1960s and throughout the 1980s, eventually becoming a Hall of Fame recipient.

    All considered doyennes of impeccable taste, fashion sense and social graces, Cojuanco’s roster of honorees for 2015 are Tootsy Angara, Ching Cruz, Gwendolyn Garcia, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Zelda Kienle, Fortune Ledesma, Amparito Llamas-Lhuiller, Mandy de la Rama, Vicky Zubiri, and Cindy Yang.

    The evening’s program will be hosted by Edu Manzano, and present the design collections of Albert Andrada, Ronald Arnaldo, JC Buendia, and Rajo Laurel. The all-new designers’ trunk will each feature their take on Tingting Cojuanco’s unmistakable flair.


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