Tips in decorating a tree


Inspiration in decorating the tree can be obtained through existing designs or ideas from the ingenuity of others. Still, there are tips that could help in achieving a festive holiday décor.

When it comes to attaching lights, start at the base of the trunk then work your way up by wrapping lights around every major branch—move from the trunk to the tip and back. In contrast with lights, garlands should be started from the top and eventually increasing in layers as you go down; use about two strands of garland for every vertical foot of tree.

A tree is not complete without the ornaments that grace its branches. Showcase your favorite pieces by placing them in prime positions on the tree, followed by your larger ornaments that should be evenly spaced around the tree. Fill any available space with medium and small ornaments. Hanging ornaments closer to the trunk will create depth and interest.

There are different ways to decorate a Christmas tree. You can take the traditional route of bright, colorful schemes with symbols that hint towards the holiday or a trendy route of mixing and matching. Nonetheless, Christmas is celebrated and enjoyed in the company of your loved ones. The glitter, lights and other decorations enriching the spirit of the holiday are nothing compared to the bright smiles visible on the faces of the people you cherish.


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