• Tips from a veteran driver, instructors


    D4---Lady-Driver20150818Driving for about 30 years, Eleanor Pondevida has learned a lot lessons on how to drive safely and sanely.

    Now 53 years old, Pondevida, along with Tirso Adobas, a driving instructor at the A-1 Driving School in Mandaluyong City, and Gerardo Francisco, driving instructor of SMART driving school in New Manila branch, they have tons of advise for females who want to drive or are already taking to the road.

    “I think what aspiring female drivers should do first is to enroll in a driving school [like I did]. In my case, I gained confidence. I established my own edge. I learned basic knowledge and road courtesy. As a result, whenever I drive I am always calm and focused,” Pondevida said.

    Pondevida, an accounting consultant at Buildex Construction who started driving when she was a working student, said that female drivers must observe the following: Always have presence of mind, especially toward traffic rules and regulations; prolong your patience and do not let your pride rule your driving habits; and learn about trouble-shooting which is usually taught in driving schools.

    Also, women drivers should avoid driving with the windows of their cars opened and keep their doors locked. Another valuable tip from Pondevida is women should traverse familiar, lighted or busy roads when traveling at night for security reasons.

    Francisco, driving instructor of SMART driving school in New Manila, said that female drivers should always check their vehicle’s side-view mirrors before driving off and to be defensive on the road.

    “Female drivers should be defensive [drivers]at all times especially that male drivers tend to belittle them,” he said, adding that female drivers should observe the three “A’s” when behind the wheel: be aware, alert and advanced (in thinking).

    For his part, Adobas, of A1 Driving School in Mandaluyong City, said female drivers should get rid of distractions like mobile or smart phones and make up when driving. He said that female drivers should at all times be holding the steering wheel when driving and avoid tinkering with gadgets.

    “Accidents are inevitable but they can be prevented if drivers are cautious. And being cautious is to know the don’ts and the do’s in driving,” Adobas added, emphasizing that giving too much attention to mobile phones when driving can cause mishaps on the road.

    Surprisingly or not surprisingly, there are male drivers who also tinker with their mobile devices when driving. Perhaps female drivers can show them how to drive in a safer manner.


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