• Tips to being lazy at work, yet achieving a lot

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    WHY are Uber charges lower than those of regular taxis, including GRAB taxi?  Why are Uber cars cleaner and good-smelling than other taxis?  I get to rate the performance and overall attitude of the driver and the driver gets to rate the way I interacted with him.  Fair and square.  I really am happy there is Uber but there are not many Uber cars available.  I will take Uber anytime.  Thank you, Uber!!

    There is a three-day sale at SM Sta. Mesa and, yesterday,  it took me more than three hours to pay for my purchases and the other shoppers, perhaps, will spend the whole day there.  This is a good trick because while I waited for my turn at the cashier, I got bored so I went around and got to buy a lot more than I intended to buy.  Marketing tricks!!

    It makes it appear that there are numerous shoppers when, in fact, there are not many people going around, just waiting in line to pay.  There are so many employees promoting different products and blocking the narrow alleys.

    There should have been more cashiers. Earlier, the cashier on the ground floor did not tell me that if I use my BDO card I would get an additional 5-percent discount.  I was cheated of P300 there because I used a different credit card.  SM will always be SM and so I only shop there during sale time.

    Last column, we talked about how to look younger and live longer–by being lazy.  Lazy does not mean that one becomes complacent on the job and do a less than satisfactory performance. Lazy means doing everything in moderation, being patient and avoiding tension and stress.

    Then I saw this on Facebook:  Here are some Zen things to do to put more years in our life and put life in our years:

    Do one thing at a time
    Do it slowly and deliberately
    Do it completely
    Do less
    Put space between things
    Develop rituals
    Designate time for certain things
    Devote time to just sitting
    Smile and serve others
    Make cleaning and cooking become meditation
    Think about what is necessary
    Live simply

    And here are more tips (The Lazy Person’s Guide to Success on the Job by Brian Harris and Rich Herschlag) on being lazy and getting ahead at work or business.
    Live close to work, not in order to spend more time at work, but rather to spend less of your life in traffic jams or pressed up against the armpit of a stranger.

    Keep your workplace clean and uncluttered in an organized chaos way so you don’t expend unnecessary energy remembering and looking for things when needed but not too spic and span that connotes you are not working.

    An insane amount of paper will flow into your office or cubicle whether or not you ask for it.  Do not file all the papers in neat, color-coded and never-to-be-read again folders.  File them into three categories:  Need to do something about, may need to do something about and will never need to do something about.  At year’s end, it will be easier to purge your files.

    Spend only, perhaps, thirty minutes at lunch and then spend the rest of the time running personal errands or getting some rest or even sneak in some Zs.

    Studies have shown that the most people can mentally work per day, day in and day out, is between six and seven hours.  More than that and one’s mind starts to overload and burn out.  Avoid pseudo work like organizing your desk often, reading non-essential materials, attending meetings and other activities that in the boss’ view don’t translate into tangible output.  Be constantly aware of your boss’ priorities and concentrate on completing those projects your boss deems most important.

    Afternoons are usually slow so try to get as much work done before noon.

    Sometimes you find yourself in an odd position.  Two or more people are about to come to verbal blows and you are in the room.  Overcome the temptation to intercede.  Virtually whatever you say will be wrong, not because you lack solutions or social skills, but because nobody loves the referee.  In fact, referees get punched out when they get  in the way.  In this volatile world of interpersonal chemistry, stay our of the water until acid and base have reacted thoroughly and the pH is back to normal.

    Don’t make waves unless you are at the beach or at a ballgame.  At a ballgame, you can participate in one.  At the beach you can ride one.  At the workplace, you will drown in one.  Avoid trouble, hard unnecessary work and embarrassment.

    Despite your vigilance, every now and then you’re going to make a mistake that is noticed.

    Be sure to minimize your losses.  Don’t argue with your boss–agree with her/him.  You’ll be denying her/him her/his thunder and, more important, will make it appear that you are your own worst critic—even tougher on you than she/he is.  Or make allusions to your heavy workload, without using it as a direct excuse.  “Yeah, I guess I was so busy with Project X that that item on Project Y skipped my eye.”  This way, you won’t be labeled as a malingerer, but the critical seed will be planted:  “I better not load him down so much more, or he’s liable to make similar mistakes.”

    We have a lot more tips on how to be really busy at work by laying low and mot making the big mistakes.

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