Tips to keep your shopping spending in check


SEPTEMBER signals the start of holiday season in the country. Filipino shoppers love buying gifts for their loved ones. They look forward to payday sales and maximize their hard-earned money for their loved ones. Here are some tips to keep your holiday spending in check.

1.Start as early as you can. It always pays to start early. You can avoid stress and pick up the best item that you want rather than be contented with what’s left at the end of the holiday season.

2.Always set a budget. Knowing your limitations and setting a budget will help you gauge how and when you should spend. Of course, sticking to the confines of your finances is another struggle you have to master. So be sure to create a spending plan to ensure that you don’t end up buying unnecessary things.

3.Make use of coupons. There are many online and offline discounts every holiday season, use them to your advantage.

4.Be personal in giving gifts. Remember that what really matters is the thought of giving. If you can make gifts your own or cook delicious meal for your loved one, that would be great.

5.Keep all your receipts. File all your receipts—they can serve as a reminder of just how much you’ve already spent this holiday season. They can also be used for those inevitable returns.

6.Be careful with your payday loans. Don’t be tempted to take out a payday loan to pay holiday gifts.

7.Use cash or debit cards in shopping. Cash and debit cards ensure that once you purchase something, it’s already paid for and out of your bank account.

8.Save up for sale season. Sale season usually comes up twice a year before but these days, there are many options. The regular months for sale are usually around late June to early August and then at the end of the year which is December to January until February of the next year. Look for these days and save up because these are the days when the items you are eyeing will go from 10 to 70 percent off.

9.Prepare a list of things you want or need. Even without sale, it is good to shop with a list. Make the list months before the sale season so when those red signs start popping up, you know what to buy. Control yourself and keep your focus on what you need so you’ll not end up with things you can’t use.

10.Prefer outlet shopping. Another great alternative when it’s not sale season is to shop in outlets. In the Philippines, there are outlets in Laguna and gasoline stations in the North Luzon expressway. Outlets have original goods at a fraction of the price. These may be from seasons past but there are still a lot of stuff and classic pieces to be found.


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