Tired Miriam files most bills


SEN. Miriam Defensor-Santiago still managed to file the highest number of bills and resolutions in the Senate, despite being afflicted with chronic  fatigue syndrome.

Santiago has topped the list of senators who filed the most number of legislations in the Senate, while her nemesis Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile—with whom she has a running word war—filed the lowest number of bills and resolutions for the same period.

A document from the Senate legislative bills and index service indicated that Santiago, a perennial topnotcher, filed 618 bills and resolutions,     while Enrile filed only 16       such measures.

Trailing behind Santiago are Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and  Sen. Antonio Trillanes with 543 and 249 bills and resolutions filed, respectively.

Joining Enrile in the bottom 3 senators are Sen. Vicente Sotto, 30; and Senate President Franklin Drilon, 31.

The official score released by the Senate shows that the bedridden Santiago continued to work hard in her home office. She has also made forays to the Senate, notably when she inter-pellated Janet Napoles, one of the alleged masterminds of the pork barrel scam.

As chair of the foreign affairs committee of the Commission on Appointments, she also appeared in the Senate to personally preside over the confirmation of the biggest batch of ambassadors this year.

Chronic fatigue syndrome  has caused Santiago to lose her sense of balance, and although she has continued her extra-ordinary speaking tour of Metro Manila universities, she chro-nically obviously suffers from shortness of breath.

As the first Filipino to be elected judge of the International Criminal Court, Santiago was due to resign from the Senate this year, and transfer residence to The Hague, Netherlands. But her plans are on hold, while she continues to struggle against chronic fatigue syndrome, which has no known cause, and no known cure.

Senate observers have noted that Santiago usually files the highest number of measures every year, and in addition conducts the highest number   of interpellations during plenary sessions.


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  1. Bonifacio Bangayan Claudio on

    The Filipino nation will surely miss her for her integrity, honesty, and dedication to public service. The people will long for her even after she’s long gone for the Hague. Elected leaders in the likes of MerriamDS, RamonM, FerdinandEM are rare to come by…

    Without the likes of them, it would be the worst of time to exist for the deprived “kumain-dili”; it would be the best of time to exploit for the oppulent rich. How cruel that the rich could manipulate to revise History to crucify the true heroes who strived/are striving to solace & uplift our beloved Inang Bayan deeply stuck in injustice, sorrow & pain…

    The time is ripe for revolutionary CHANGE; but where will it come from? From the government? The Military? The Media? The Rich? The Masses? From The TOP? The Middle? The Bottom? But worse is if they collude to “Revise History” to perpetuate the status quo proclaiming & heralding “heroes” who are not? But good if they all come together hand-in-hand to put up a New Society where all people in all walks of life live together in peace & harmony in all fairness & dignity? Still, the big questioin is WHO WILL LEAD THE CRUSADE ALA-NELSON MANDELA?

    Wala na nga bang TUNAY NA PILIPINO SA ISIP, SA SALITA, AT SA GAWA? Oh Dios na mahabagin, ako yata’y mababaliw, so to speak…

    Sa hula ko lang po ay sa TOP po ang pag-asang PAGBABAGO ala-RamonM, ala-FerdinandM. Bakit? Kasi nga po ay “mahina” ang liderato ng masa, lubhang konti ang Middle Class upang mamuno. Kung magkagayon ngang sa TOP, alalaon baga, papaano nga? Kasi nga ay minsan minsan lang mangyari na ang isang nakaririwasang tao ay gugustuhing maging tunay na tigapagtaguyod at TIGAPAGTANGGOL ng mahihirap na mga api. Kasi nga ay alam nating lahat na pag may umaakmang isang “bayani ng mahihirap” ay sasabihin agad ng mga nakaririwasa na “another man in the grave” o isa na namang taong ipapako nila sa Krus ng pahirap, pighati, na puno ng alimura, pang-aalipusta, at hubad sa dangal… Sa ngayon ay hinahanap natin ang ating mga yumaong mga bayani ng Inang Bayan, pero mayroon pa kayang ilang may angking malasakit na bayaning Pilipino sa ngayon? Sinu-sino kaya sa mga mayayamang may pangalan ang maging susunod na bayani ng Inang Bayang Pilipinas? SINOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!