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    WITH the domestic car sales expected to undergo a surge in the next few years, with some quarters projecting 500,000 units by 2020, market leader Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) is taking steps to assure that its service and maintenance personnel can meet its standards.

    But beyond training its pool of service and maintenance personnel, TMP is also making available a world-class system to make the Philippines a source of highly-skilled human resources who can be deployed in the various Toyota networks worldwide.

    To attain that objective, TMP on August 2, 2013 formally inaugurated the Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology (TMP Tech) at the Toyota Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) in Santa Rosa City, Laguna. Founded by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Honorary Chairman Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda and TMP Chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty, TMP Tech primarily stands as a concrete example of Toyota’s unwavering efforts to further contribute to the betterment of Philippine society.

    On August 28, a total of 109 Filipinos became the pioneer graduates of TMP Tech who will join the local and foreign Toyota dealerships. Ninety-six graduates will be employed by the local dealerships, while 11 will be transferred to Toyota’s Specialized Toyota Automotive Training Program and will be employed by Toyota dealerships in Saudi Arabia.

    TMP Tech Executive Officer and Toyota First Vice President Jose Maria Aligada said that the school will also be working with other countries such as those in the rest of the Middle East and Australia.

    “We’re working on other Middle Eastern countries because the Middle East is the prime destination for after-sales technicians, and they like Filipinos there because they are very good in the workshop. We’re also working on full qualification with the Australian qualification framework, in order for us to send our graduates to Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, whatever,” Aligada said in an interview.

    He added that the school is working on the post-studies deployment so that the graduates will be employed instantly, with some settling for entrepreneurship.

    “Our goal is 100-percent employment, or help give a good start those who want to become entrepreneurs,” Aligada said.

    TMP Tech president Dr. David Go said in his speech to the graduates that the event is a fulfilment of Toyota’s technology transfer for future technicians who will service the Toyota global dealer network.

    “I’m convinced that sooner or later, given with the first batch of graduates, from TMP Tech, they are the pioneers of showing the whole world that the Toyota Way would benefit not only Toyota, but also to the consumers as well,” he said in an interview.

    For his part, Sugata told The Manila Times that the company will continue to improve its dealer network and technical services with the first batch of graduates of TMP Tech.

    “The market and our sales are still growing, so we had to expand our dealer network. We now have 47 outlets, probably we may reach 88. Naturally, we need more service technicians and advisers, so we will have to provide a skills and service course here,” Sugata said.

    The Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology was inaugurated in 2013 by the Toyota Philippines chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty and Toyota Motor Corporation chairman Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda.

    The school’s curriculum combines courses specified by Toyota and approved by TESDA, and internship programs at Toyota and Lexus dealerships nationwide.

    As a world-class technical institution, TMP Tech provides state-of-the-art facilities, highly-trained instructors and up-to-date equipment with a high equipment-to-student ratio to ensure thorough hands-on training and conducive learning environment. TMP Tech’s advanced and fast-track curriculum offers a 2-year regular Automotive Servicing Course – General Job Program certified by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). After completing the program, a TMP Tech graduate is equipped with Toyota Pro-Technician skills. TMP Tech has also partnered with TESDA for an Industry Immersion Program for the continuous upgrade of technical education in the country.

    The school’s strong academe-industry linkage program allows holistic development of its students, thereby producing highly-skilled graduates, ensuring a stable supply of after-sales technicians for the continually expanding local Toyota Dealer Network.

    Another program of TMP Tech is the Specilized Toyota Automotive Training Program (STATP) for Abdul Latif Jameel Imports and Distribution Co. Ltd. (ALJID), allowing for deployment of graduates to Toyota dealerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Likewise, a partnership with Chisholm Institute, a Registered Training Organization (RTO) in Australia, will also align the school’s curriculum with the Australian technical vocational education training (TVET) system, in order for graduates to be eligible for employment in Commonwealth countries.

    TMP Tech also aims to extend equal educational opportunity to financially-challenged but deserving students through various scholarship grants. The school has signed agreements with Toyota-affiliated institutions such as Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation (TMPF), GT-Metro Foundation and Toyota Dealers Association and has been accepting sponsorships from private individuals to provide a better future for the Filipino youth.

    TMP Tech continuously makes its mark in the global arena, with Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan) VIPs, Toyota’s global affiliates and foreign TVET organizations visiting.


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