TMTC goes paperless


The Manila Times College (TMTC) and electronic books (e-books) distribution company Flipside Publishing Services Inc. signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) on Thursday to provide students easier access to cheaper text books.

The program was spearheaded by TMTC President Dr. Isagani Cruz.

The Flipside team visited the campus to orient the students on how to operate and download textbooks using their site,, and to sign the agreement allowing required textbooks to be downloaded.

Instead of having a physical bookstore in the college, Flipside offers textbooks in electronic format, allowing students to download and store their books that they can purchase online at a more affordable price.

“Since everyone has an electronic device—may it be a cellphone, tablet or laptop, it would be only fitting to have sort of an online bookstore where students can go to purchase their required books without having to spend so much on time and money,” Dr. Cruz said.

“There are many benefits of using e-books. It is more affordable, you can carry as much books as you want in your device, and it will also promote reading since electronic devices are portable and more popular in the youth now,” he added.

Flipside’s technical supervisor, Warren Dano, together with account executives Kristine Bariuad and Raymond Ramirez, helped students set up their accounts so they can download and read books in their own devices.

As a secure distribution platform for e-books, Flipside offers an e-bookstore for institutions and universities to promote and increase readership in the country.

“We can customize e-bookstores based on the requirement of each institution. If there are particular books being requested, we can link those books so the students can access them. If the school wants to add novels, comics or magazines to their bookstore they can do that too,” said Luz de Luna, the business development manager of the company.

Starting off as a print-to-electronic conversion company 15 years ago, Flipside ventured into the e-books distribution three years ago.

When the bookstore is completely customized and set up next semester, TMTC students will be able to enjoy paperless textbooks that is at least 30 percent cheaper than the printed books.


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