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Perception of products and services carrying the Superbrands Award logo are perceived positively by 86 percent of consumers. The main associations with the Superbrands Award logo are “trustworthy,” “good reputation” and “quality.”

Question: When you see the Superbrands Award logo association with a brand, with which of the following would you agree with impact of carrying the Superbrands Award logo on purchase intentions.

Answer: Eighty-two percent of consumers are more likely/much more likely to consider buying a product/service carrying the Superbrands Award logo.

Question: If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw a particular brand was associated with the Superbrands Award logo, how much more likely would you be to consider buying brand? Impact of carrying the Superbrands Award logo on recommendation intentions.

Answer: Seventy-nine percent of respondents are very likely/likely to recommend a product/service carrying the Superbrands Award logo.

Question: If a friend was intending to buy a product or service and you saw a particular brand was associated with the Superbrands Award logo—how much more likely would you recommend this brand to your friend?

Answer: Associating the Superbrands Award logo to your product/service conveys the image of trust and quality.

Question: When you hear the word Superbrand, which of the following qualities do you think that a brand needs to have to be called a Superbrand?

Research methodology: Results presented above are extracted from a research conducted by TNS Research International in March 2011 for Superbrands, China to assess the impact of a product/service carrying the Superbrands Award logo. Respondents were presented with the Superbrands Award logo, and asked to answer questions relating to their purchase intention/recommendation intention/product perception.

The survey was conducted through an online questionnaire over a sample of 2,250 consumers in China, representing the diversity of Chinese consumer across several dimensions, including:

Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities consumers;

Geography mix; and Main demographics (gender, education level, income level, age).

About TNS Research International China: With the merger of formerly TNS Custom and Research International, TNS Research International China is cemented as the leading custom market research agency in China.

TNS Research International China delivers actionable insights and research-based business advice to its clients so that they can make more effective business decisions. TNS Research International China offers comprehensive industry knowledge within the consumer, technology, finance and automotive sectors, supported by a suite of leading edge and unique business solutions that stretches across the entire range of marketing and business issues, specializing in product development and innovation, brand and communication, stakeholder management, retail and shopper, and qualitative research. With its about 500 employees and more than 200 researchers, who professionalize in delivering innovative thinking and excellent service to local and multinational clients, TNS Research International China operates across six offices in China, and is committed to helping local leading companies win both in China and global markets, and multinational companies to be successful in China.

Knowing of the perceptions of the Chinese toward Superbrands, is it suffice to say this should be the same all over the world? Whatever perceptions generated by country—what is important is our presence worldwide having branded close to 14,000 brands. Superbrands is the global brand arbiter!

Over the past 17 years Superbrands Status has become recognized as the benchmark for brand success. Superbrands now operates in 88 countries worldwide. The company has published more than 12,500 case studies within more than 250 separate publications, and has sold more than one million books to date and can claim readership of more than six million consumers worldwide. Superbrands has hosted more than 200 global branding events involving approximately 100,000 delegates. These high-profile events pay tribute to the successes of the leading brands in each market. Each event is attended by members of the press and generates millions of dollars of publicity.


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