• To be or not to be, that is the answer



    Warrantless arrests prohibited. Excuse me madam, bribery happens when there is warrant of arrest, not the lack of it.

    Airport officials should contemplate on putting up ground lights for aerial viewing that reads “Do Not Enter” and “Detour.”

    That day will surely come when NAIA’s air controllers will report that “air traffic is bumper-to-bumper.”

    If there is extrajudicial killing, is there such a thing as extrajudicial investigation? If there is summary execution, do we have something like detailed execution? Stupid questions during my stupid moments.

    I sincerely hope that lasting peace with CPP/NDF/NPA will finally be achieved in Oslo. Time to embrace each other under one flag. We should not miss this chance of a lifetime.

    One reason perhaps the Chinese seek to claim our territory is that we are linked to their history — as we are being ruled by dynasties.

    At the moment, how can one win the war against drug lords? They can hire the best and most expensive lawyers, sustain long litigation, bribe everyone along the way including the judiciary, have an arsenal of sophisticated weaponry to intimidate witnesses plus the upperhand in case of shootouts with the law enforcers. The victims can end up buried six feet under or succumb to out of court settlements and yet continue to live in fear of possible retaliation.

    If there will be a positive outcome of this EJK hearing, this should be in aid of legislation for a swift and just administration of justice. Safeguards for abuses, empowerment of the aggrieved, full legal support for law enforcement and victims alike, compensation for collateral damage including properties and creation of special courts to handle drug crimes. This may include freezing of assets and bank accounts of suspected drug lords until proven innocent.

    One senator is not happy with modern technology — the idea of ‘driverless’ cars.

    Some people see the alleged mansion of a driver as a sign of progress. One may agree. In other countries, only airline pilots can afford to own such. Economic boom indeed.

    The Matrix is released. Keanu Reeves is not on top of the list. Neo or “The One,” according to PRRD is a woman “in love.” Definitely not Trinity. Watch for more characters to be “unplugged.”

    It is confirmed. Hero Bautista is not qualified for a hero’s burial at Libingan Ng Mga Bayani. The famed Bayanihan Dancers are not complaining.

    Secretary Bebot Bello has a big problem. How to abolish Endo among ghost employees in the government. Although their employers would prefer them to be employed in a more permanent status with benefits.

    I want to start a Black and White photo challenge for those afflicted with color blindness. I nominate Trump to accept.

    I can’t understand this Burkini furor in France. There’s this group of middle eastern women who wants to swim freely modestly clad to cover their bodies yet they are banned to do so. Yet they allow women in the French Riviera to swim topless or stroll almost naked with string bikinis. So much for national insecurities.

    What’s the big fuzz about this Burkini? Zucchini, panini, paganini, lamborghini, chikanini… they all sound the same.

    Many are rejoicing that Kim Kardashian, Miles Cyrus and Lady Gaga will not wear Burkinis when they swim at the beach. Paparazzis are rejoicing since they will not be jobless for sure.

    Paranormal expert Jaime Licauco said ghostly sightings of former Presidents Manuel Quezon, Manuel Roxas and Ramon Magsaysay are confirmed seen by Palace occupants. I presume that they want to be included in the national security consultations.

    Duterte: Abu Sayyaf lost my respect. Did they ever had it?

    Movies to watch over the weekend:
    Driving Miss Daisy — starring Ronnie P. Dayan
    Inglourious Basterds — featuring narco politicians
    On The Waterfront — featuring Bureau of Customs
    From Here To Eternity — commuters of EDSA.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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