To Her, Beloved


Lunch and poetry with
My dawn of red idle sun—
I should’ve been closer

Missing now her smile
The laughter of a thousand
Afternoon blossoms

If I come next time
With all these poetry and tears
Slap me and all that…
Let me rekindle
The flame or this blue ember
Burning in my soul

Kiss me so dovely
With the primal rage of Eve
Before Adam’s fall

Let us write our poem
Let us write our story in
The sands of our time

The saddest parting:
The slightest touch of your hand
And that second glance

Looking at your face
Somehow I never lost you
And I never left

You are my Maud Gonne
And i am a word-stained smith
Be my Erato!


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  1. one of the best poem i have ever read to start more creative juices in 2014!
    i felt the emotional twists. very touching, really.

  2. Ashok Bhargava on

    Dear Santiago,
    In the best tradition of “Raging Emotions” this poem touches each and every chord of our hearts such as joy, anger, helplessness, sorrow, denial, longing yet finally accepting outcome as it is.

    Ashok Bhargava