• To Robert Frost


    She would never know if
    The path less traveled
    Given less or more

    Surely one leads to another
    And fellow travelers, like her,
    Never would know if their traveled
    Road is the one more traveled.

    Not do they have time
    To ponder which is which. All
    Are too enmeshed in nets
    Of theirown making.

    Good enough that they
    With the inner eye see
    Other angles in the tangled
    Trap, cooling or warming

    Colors, or providing
    Text to the fibers’ texture;
    So that even inside the net
    They are out of it.

    For these, the chosen ones,
    Art is at once
    The road and the journey,
    The problem and the solution.

    And they will not
    Stop. They know
    They know they will
    Have miles and miles to go.


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