• Today’s Deed


    Overmorrow (noun) (obs) (archaic) (biblical)
    The day after tomorrow.
    This archaic and now obsolete word appears in the Bible and few times in ancient literature.

    “Every year poverty kills more people than the entire Second World War, which killed quite a few.”—Eduardo Galeano

    “Art is uncompromising and life is full of compromises.”—Günter Grass

    News of an Uruguayan’s departure
    Opened my today
    News of a German’s
    Closed my night

    Well, shall we even try to get
    A glean of the overmorrow’s
    Smiting of great lives
    When we aren’t quite
    Done with today?
    The gift of life has been
    Cheapened by hunger
    The elite’s indifference
    And every
    day’s most
    Quiet needs
    and Compromises

    What little is left
    Of the romance of
    Flickering capiz lamps
    High over our bent
    Graying heads
    Our eyes running
    Across gray text
    We use to parlay
    A tired sentence
    Like “the struggle
    Into small seemingly
    Insignificant ventures

    To sate
    The hungry
    The thirsty
    For overmorrows
    Of perhaps
    No more


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