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  1. puebloerrante on

    “grandstanding blocking peace” as part of the headline.. <— seriously?? really??

    [ Nothing is stopping the MILF from declaring anytime that they are now the “Bangsamoro” State. No recognition is required from other states (as recognition is not an element for statehood). And even then, at least for political reasons, it is not farfetched to believe that the countries thanked in the “Acknowledgement” portion of the Comprehensive Agreement would readily give that recognition.

    Worse, the government, by agreeing to terms in the CAB like “armed conflict,” “self-governance,” “combatants,” the “justness” and “legitimacy” of the “cause of the Bangsamoro,” and the unwitting use of the term “self-determination,” and the participation of other states in the process arguably elevated the CAB to the level of an international instrument.

    As for the words “self-determination,” I have always cautioned that such “right” is usually granted by international law to counter the regretful effects of colonialism or foreign military occupation. International law professor Antonio Cassese points out that self-determination (as opposed to mere “internal self-determination,” referring to local autonomy, and economic and social development) is not available to “religious, cultural or linguistic minorities.”

    So the MILF would not have qualified for such a right under international law. Which is well and good because self-determination under international law essentially means “secession.”

    Unless, of course, it is voluntarily granted by a government through formal agreement. Unfortunately, the CAB and BBL are full of references to the Bangsamoro’s right to “self-determination.”

    Hence, the significance of the MILF’s insistence that the CAB is an international (“executive”) agreement: because effective international agreements generally cannot be thwarted by local laws and institutions (including the Constitution) at the international level.]


    if your notion of "peace" is to just bend to all of the demands of a terrorist group and cross your fingers and hope they stop hurting you. then it won't take long until another terrorist group starts airing their demands..

    if there's one thing people should learn when dealing with BULLIES is that you need to learn how to defend yourself or they will never leave you alone.

    stop acting like wimps. it's not just your safety at stake, but the safety of future generations. we need to neutralize the insurgent's capability to wage war now, else we risk endangering ourselves to a bigger war in the future.