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    1. Calling the attention of Tuwid Na Daan

      Crashing those better roads to replace new ones ?

      Well, under the present administration, roads are some of its priorities.
      In Camarines Sur, we have roads widening particular in the South Maharlika Highway. While some are rehabilitation works, in some parts are construction of additional lanes .These works are colossal that until now we can’t be sure if when works here will be finished.

      In Naga City, if not for the worthy effort by some who are pro- environmentalists even the centennial trees here are not spared to be removed because of these on-going road rehabilitation projects. Which according to our information gathered these rehabilitation and widening are projects by the DPWH national office. On the other hand, the DPWH locals here are just the one manning them.

      However, what is too disturbing and alarming here is that we are wasting people’s money! You know why ? Even concrete roads, with no damaged still are being destroyed to give way with these new projects implementation bearing notes: “Priority projects.”

      Have you even realized the cost of these roads estimated billions of pesos worth and now after construction for some 5 years or less are being demolish though still serviceable?

      In Milaor Camarines Sur we got this irritating information from the public while in Calabanga particular on Barangay Sibubo section there are serviceable concrete roads there which were also pulverized to appear that they were no longer of used.

      This is Daang Matuwid. We can distinguish which one is real work and which one is just but a sort of kick backing , tong pats deal while wasting money using the wealth of Juan de la Cruz!