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    1. Alan Nicholson on

      In Aid of the People of Tacloban and Surrounding Areas.
      I appeal to the:- Government, All Government Departments,
      Government agencies,
      National and International Aid agencies.
      Local and, National, Welfare departments.
      have sent to your land in it’s time of great need.
      It is very shameful to see, the international news here in New Zealand reporting on the situation in aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, the people of Tacloban ,
      are still left starving and without shelter. Please remember that in todays world, with the aid of technology the world is watching more closely than ever before.
      We have seen the devastation caused by Haiyan, now we are seeing the grief caused by misappropriation.
      ” What has happened to our money “?
      We gave so much through donations,
      I have come to realise, the true meaning of generosity through humanitarian concern for strangers in a far off land, I have also come to realise the, GREED CORRUPTION, and ABUSE OF POWER, shown by People in positions of power. You are in positions as voted by the people, for the welfare and care of those very same people.
      Please, realise , you are not, ROBIN HOOD you are ROBBING YOUR OWN PEOPLE!. Act now to end the suffering not only in typhoon affected areas but, the whole country.
      Then we as foreigners may be willing to help you again.
      I beg of all those in power to sit back, and, reflect on the good that can be achieved,
      by just one visible act of unselfish kindness. I pray that change will happen.
      My deepest sympathies to all of those people affected.

      Yours in Spirit,
      Alan Nicholson,
      New Zealand.