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  1. Notice Why Trillanes is Trolling On The Senate Floor while the anonymous yellow trolls are in the internet doing their thing. Notice the commentators on radio, television, & newspapers are conspiring to discredit and belittle the Leni Leak Scandal it’s impossible for it to be just a coincident. Notice why the yellowtard trolls are all over the Duterte Online Supporters and after they failed on stopping them through series of personal and persistent attack when they already run out of things that they can pull out of their sleeve their last result is death threats of which I am sure the DDS of our beloved president if ever there is and hope and pray that these sons of the bitches that its just a myth because if not I would advice to put their lives in order call their love ones because that may be the last time they will ever say good bye. This is a coordinated attack to make sure that the Leni Leaks Scandal will fade away. Let me tell you this you good for nothing scambags I have only one mission in 2017 and that is to write, spread anything I can out of the Leni Leaks Scandal word for word and after I consume it I will go to its codes on what ever computer language its written research about and write about Leni Leaks Scandal using its code line by line and I will make you shitholes know about it because I will paste it on your comment box. This is the reason why Duterte should really declare Martial Law and install revolutionary government instead because things as it look are getting nowhere. The people of the oligarchs are trolling in the senate, in social media, in the ERB, AMLC & BSP, the highest in the Supreme Court is their girl, in COMELEC their man, the Ombudsman is also their girl & on government offices that is why things are going nowhere. We can only be change by a revolution. The oligarchs will not give in its power they are in full force on the internet, Trillanes is all powered up doing everything he can to derail the senate hearing and in congress, the congressmen are showing their true colors why be against death penalty and why be so concern on the lives of the criminals while its common knowledge that almost every congressman have stay-in hitmans. It’s obvious that most of our good congressmen are no good if not good for nothing assholes, who are criminals themselves, thieves, warlords and political trapo themselves. Are they against penalty because they are themselves scared that there will be possibility in the future that its them that will be under the process of death penalty that is why they are scared to pass it? Jusk asking. Can anyone notice the coordinated ways so the Duterte will not be able to federalize the government of which the oligarchs do not want because once the Philippines is Federalize its all over for them, their monopolistic ways will cease to exist. If we became Federalize there will be true decentralization of government and government funds that will liberalize the market which will endanger the business interest of the oligarchs. Notice why suddenly the president is talking about declaring Martial Law. It’s because little by little it became clear to him that those elite will fight tooth and nails for them to stay in control.