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  1. To JOEY M. SY EGCO, abt your published story on protection racket in the immigration. Yes its true the protection for certain rich and capable foreigners exist. The more complaint against this individual, the more expensive he pays for protection. We filed a case against a chinese national WANG WEN JIN last year for being undesirable and with supporting evidence from court but till now, the Bureau of Immigration in the office of commisioner Mison have not REPLIED nor acted on our complaint. Wang wen jin works with no Working visa, he stolen mining equipment, he has not paid salaries for employees, but the BID never acted anything on any of these complaints sent to them.. Worse, he can easily fly in and out of NAIA airport escorted by BID personnel for instant processing. How can we straigntened our countrys immigration policys will to stop corruption when our front line officers are not working as they are supposed to be…. BID was making a mockery of our justice system by not protecting its own citizen from undesirable foreigners and instead they protect the other side. The government needs to totally overhaul the whole of BID and adopt systems use by other country to make immigration policy work for the better of the country.