• ‘Tol


    I’d give you every coin I have in my pocket
    Ask you to throw away those packs of cigarettes
    And flush those butts down the toilet

    I’d give you all the coins and ask you to buy candies instead
    like we used to
    When we wore matched shirts
    smears of ice cream on our chins
    skimmed milk lining the corners of our mouths
    We’ve fought our wars, you and I
    Pillow battles and word fights
    And maybe you don’t remember but I
    was the one who’d tuck you in at night
    Sneaking a sip from your baby formula

    Now maybe we’re too old for that
    Maybe I’ll let you have all the coins in my pocket
    Maybe I’ll let you buy your cigarettes
    And you’d let me have a sip of your beer instead


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