• Toll hits 6 after collapse of Russian high rise


    MOSCOW: The death toll climbed to six people on Friday after the corner section of a nine-storey residential building collapsed in the provincial city of Izhevsk, officials said. “There are three injured and six dead,” said the health ministry in the Udmurtia region of which Izhevsk is the capital. The sixth body was discovered earlier Friday, an emergencies ministry official told Agence France-Presse. “A woman has been found in the building’s basement,” the official said, adding that a search and rescue operation continued. One of the six victims was a child, officials have said. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon when a corner section of the Soviet-era residential block collapsed after what was believed to be a gas explosion. Video footage showed flats on all nine floors reduced to debris. A total of eight apartments are believed to be completely destroyed. Explosions caused by gas leaks are frequent in Russia, especially in older Soviet-era buildings.



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