• Tom-Car returns to the big screen


    Showbiz couple Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana returns to the big screen via Regal Entertainment’s latest romantic-comedy, No Boyfriend Since Birth, directed by Joey Reyes.

    Ever a refreshing on-screen tandem, Tom and Carla first hit it off when they were paired in the GMA Network breakthrough series My Husband’s Lover. This was followed by the family-drama My Destiny, which sealed their romantic team-up on TV, while Regal gave them their first movie tandem in 2014.

    This time, in No Boyfriend Since Birth, Carla and Tom share another interesting tale of love filled with “hugot lines” from a girl who hopes to spend forever with her dream guy from high school.

    Carla plays Karina who works as an executive assistant in a bridal shop. She has never been in a relationship because she remains in love with her high school crush, Carlo.

    One day, their paths cross again at a wedding where Carlo is a photographer. They become close as they share a common interest in business. Carlo, however, is all about work, as Karina falls more and more in love with her high school crush.

    Determined to win the man of her dreams once and for all, Karina does everything in her power to make Carlo feel the same way for her. Unfortunately, he is a tough nut to crack and Karina decides to give up the fight, and spare herself from pain and humiliation.

    At this turning point, Carlo asks her to become his business partner, leaving Karina in a tight fix over accepting his proposal or ending any kind of connection with him.

    “Women in search of love can learn a thing or two from Karina,” smiled Carla at the movie’s press launch on Monday. “It’s a must-see for women who have never been in a relationship but are still in search of love and someone to spend forever with.”

    Tom, asked if Carla, whom he has been dating exclusively for a year, is the one he hopes to spend forever with, replied, What you see is what you get. She’s very special to me, and I wouldn’t waste my time if she’s not.”

    No Boyfriend Since Birth opens in cinemas nationwide on November 11.


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