• Tom Cruise and his promise to go back to the Philippines



    After starting the week with Brad Pitt in Tokyo, Japan, In The Know has been lucky enough to end it with a bang with none other than Hollywood A-list superstar Tom Cruise in Taipei, Taiwan.

    Tom visited Asia to promote his upcoming film “The Mummy,” alongside his director Alex Kurtzman and co-stars Annabelle Wallis and Sofia Boutella (who plays the first ever female mummy). Distributed by United International Pictures, The Mummy is showing in the Philippines on June 7.

    During In The Know’s one-on-one interview with the team, director Alex Kurtzman shared he was looking for an original story to reprise The Mummy. That is why when the idea of having a female mummy in the story came, he immediately thought of Sofia. As such, she was first to be cast in this two-years-in-the-making movie.

    “It means so much to have a female represent a strong and vital character today,” Alex intimated.

    Tom Cruise

    As promising as the role might be, Sofia almost turned it down, “I was a simple dancer but I have always loved acting so when he came up to me I could not believe it and I even asked Alex, ‘Are you sure?’ He convinced me and it changed my life forever.”

    Sofia had a breakthrough in her career as a back up dancer for Madonna and Rihanna. As such, it was still surreal for her to play the titular role of a movie.

    “I have not danced in nearly six years ever since I started acting. I remember when I accepted The Mummy I told myself to focus on this movie so much there was even a time for two years that I did not accept a paycheck. My friends would even hook me up with gigs just to get by but I declined it because I really wanted to be very prepared for the Mummy,” the French-Algerian actress revealed.

    On the other hand, Annabelle Wallis—who became a household name in the movie “The Conjuring: Annabelle” and the TV show “The Tudors”—shared that she needed to level up her fitness regime because of Tom Cruise.

    As with his previous movies, the action star was extraordinarily brilliant in executing the toughest scenes for The Mummy, including a zero gravity airplane crash.

    “I have always been very fit but Tom, he is something else. Like him I wanted to do my own stunts so I made sure that I could keep up with him,” the 32-year-old actress said.

    Moreover, the cast was in awe by how helpful and nice Tom during their filming in Namibia and in England even in the middle of difficult action scenes which Tom is very known for.

    But for Tom he says that he feels responsible for whatever will happen to his colleagues on set, “I just feel responsible so I make sure that even before they get there that everything would go as planned and well.”

    The Mummy is a prelude to the opening of a monster series, “Dark Universe.”

    In The Know with the Hollywood A-lister

    Meanwhile, Tom divulged that the diverse stories and backgrounds of these monsters will be shot all over the world, including South East Asia.

    In The Know got to have a moment with Tom and asked him if he plans to take the shooting to the Philippines or if he plans to visit again after more than 30 years.

    “I will come back and I will go to the Philippines. I don’t have the exact date but I promise you that I will go,” the actor answered with his heart-dropping mega-watt smile.

    The 54-year-old’s last visit in the country was for his 1989 film “Born On The Fourth Of July” which was set in Laoag.

    Anyway, In The Know had a moment with the Hollywood heartthrob once more, this time in the red carpet wherein we managed to take a selfie. In The Know got to tell Tom the situation that the country is in now.

    As expected, Tom, one of the nicest superstars in the planet, gave a message to Filipinos who are in the middle of chaos as of the moment, “I am thinking of you all and I am wishing you all well.”

    The sweetheart made more hearts melt when he ended the interview saying, “Mahal kita!”

    Mahal ka rin namin, Tom!

    Until next week, ta-ta!


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