Tom Cruise’s highest grossing films


Tom Cruise remains to be one of greatest living movie stars in Hollywood after topping the box office numerous times in the past two decades. Now, as his latest movie “American Made” puts him at the top of the big screen game again, chances are he might break his own records with its success.

With box office returns still to come from the Philippines within the week, The Manila Times looks back at the top five movies of Cruise’s career based on the amount of its commercial success worldwide.

‘War of the Worlds’ ($704 million in 2005)
This movie remains to be Tom Cruise’s biggest-grossing domestic earner. Directed by Steven Spielberg, War of the Worlds became the third-biggest film opening on Independence Day weekend also making it the fourth highest grossing film of 2005, and the 66th highest grossing film worldwide.

‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’ ($694 million in 2011)
This fourth Mission: Impossible movie grossed $209,397,903 in North America and $485,315,477 in other countries for a worldwide total of $694,713,380.It is the highest-grossing film worldwide in the Mission: Impossible series, and the fifth highest-grossing film of 2011.

‘Mission: Impossible 2’ ($546 million in 2000)
In its North American opening weekend, Mission Impossible 2 grossed $57 million ranking at No. 1 in 2000 and held on to the No. 1 spot for three weekends. The film eventually grossed $215,409,889 in its North American release and $330,978,216 in other territories, totaling $546,388,105 worldwide as the highest-grossing film of 2000. It was also director John Woo’s highest grossing film of all time.

‘Mission: Impossible’ ($457 million in 1996)
This first installation of Mission Impossible series opened on May 22, 1996 in 3,012 theaters—the most ever up to that point—and broke the record for a film opening on Wednesday with US$11.8 million, beating the $11.7 million “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, made in 1991. The film went on to make $180.9 million in North America and $276.7 million in the rest of the world for a worldwide total of $457.6 million.

‘Rain Man’ ($354 million in 1987)
Rain Man debuted on December 16, 1988, and was the second highest-grossing film at the weekend box office (behind “Twins”), with $7 million. It reached the first spot on the December 30 to January 2, finishing 1988 with $42 million. The film would end up as the highest-grossing US film of 1988 by earning over $172 million. The film grossed over $354 million worldwide.

‘Jerry Maguire’ ($273 million in 1996)
The film debuted at number one. It earned $17,084,296 on its opening weekend, and eventually grossed $153,952,592 in North American box office and approximately $119.6 million overseas for a $273,552,592 worldwide total, on a budget of $50 million. It is the ninth top-grossing film of 1996 and the fourth highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time.

The film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Cruise, with Cuba Gooding Jr. winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Source: Box Office Mojo website


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