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For director Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez (Lasponggols, Mga Kidnapper ni Ronnie Lazaro, Tsardyer, In Bangka ha ut sin duwa sapah, and Huling Biyahe), it takes guts and good intentions to appeal for financial help when he was confined back in April at a hospital in Manila.

In his Facebook wall, he and wife film and TV actress Racquel Zaballero-Sanchez posted request for friends to kindly help them settle the remaining balance of the medical bill he had had incurred so that the director can go back to work and be with his family.

“Because you see, I have four young kids to support and I don’t mind appealing for help,” said a smiling Sigfreid at Room 322 of the Perpetual Succor Hospital in Sampaloc.

Among those who heeded the director’s plea was actor Tom Rodriguez, one of his stars in his latest caper, Magtanggol.

“Tom has been not only a colleague but as friend as well. My wife had worked with him for a number of times and she recommended him to me in this movie,” said Sigfreid.

“Tom is fantastic in this movie. He doesn’t smoke in real life but he is allow to chain smoke in his scenes because he believes it’s in his character,” he recalled.

Sigfreid refused to divulge the exact amount of money Tom gave him to help him out with his medical bills, but the actor’s generosity was enough to cherish and to bolster their friendship and professional linkages.

“No questions asked. Tom just told his manager to prepare a check and to deposit it in our bank account,” he exclaimed.

Noted character actress Mui Manansala and the family of child actor in his film Basti Santos Musni also lent a helping hand. Sigfried said he appreciated their generosity just as much as Tom’s.

The actor and director Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez at the set of  ‘Magtanggol’

The actor and director Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez at the set of ‘Magtanggol’

Sigfreid was rushed to the hospital early two weeks ago because he was burning with fever. It turned out that his high temperature was caused by an infection on his left foot’s smallest toe, from a wound that never healed because of diabetes.

While shooting Magtanggol in Subic, Sigfried tried his best to work despite the excruciating pain so that the production can stay on schedule. By then, he was already on his 22nd shooting day.

He even fulfilled a speaking engagement on filmmaking at the PUP Sta. Mesa the following day, but finally decided rush to the nearest hospital when he could no longer bear his condition.

After a series of medical tests, the doctor finally advised that amputation of the infected toe was the best course, and Sigfreid for his own comfort gave in.

After a weeklong confinement, the irrepressible director went straight to work on the post-prod Magtanggol, which opens on April 18.

Good to have you back in showbiz Direk! And bless you, Tom Rodriguez.


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