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    1. They are now scared of the the soul that might exhume their make-believe legacy and be proven to be just ghost

    2. The LNMB is a sacred preserve. It is a sanctuary. No one has the right to even joke about digging out any remains from there. The yellows, as arrogant as they could get, believe that they can threaten to dig out Macoy’s remains out of his grave without repercussions. The fact that the SC judged in favor of the burial proves that the yellows are not relevant anymore and starting to lose power. This the yellows just cannot reconcile themselves with.They are supposed to be Christian but their ways betray them. Nobody raised an objection or condemnation from the Marcos loyalists when Ninoy and Cory, including their dog, were buried at the LNMB. If the yellows can threaten to desecrate Macoy’s grave, why can’t the Marcos loyalists do the same thing to Ninoy and Cory’s (and their dog’s) graves? Fair is fair. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. (I would have preferred the artist then to have included caricatures of Marcos loyalists alongside these holier than thou Christians, in front of Ninoy and Cory’s graves with digging gears.) Why the fuss about Macoy? If they believe that Macoy was not a hero, so be it, but were Ninoy and Cory? Macoy deserves a place in the LNMB, having been a president, a soldier and, to his supporters, a hero. For reasons only they know, these yellows are scared of a man whose voice cannot be heard anymore. They were scared when he was alive, and still scared now that he is dead.

      • The Aquinos are not buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. They were buried in Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque

      • why wouldn’t Marcos loyalist threaten the same? because it shows that Marcos’ loyalist are far more educated and sincere compared to their yellow counterparts.