• Tombs not spared by Bohol earthquake


    The devastated tombs of their beloved departed had pushed thousands of earthquake victims in Bohol to flock to the public and private cemeteries, in observance of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day.

    Tagbilaran parish priest, Rev. Father Val Pinlac said that even if the tombs were devastated by the 7.2-temblor in Bohol, it did not stop the residents to pray for their loved ones, citing Boholanons’ strong connections to dead.

    “Even if this happened to us, people will go even more and pray for their dead [because]for them, forgetting the dead amidst this kind of situation is a great sin for us,” Pinlac said.

    On October 15, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake had struck Bohol and Cebu, which killed hundreds and affected thousands of the residents.

    To date, there were already hundreds of earthquake victims have returned their homes.

    But, the priest said that there are more than 3,000 families who remained at the evacuation sites in “tents for their temporary shelter.”


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