• TomDen: Making more beautiful music

    The ‘bromance’ continues on record: Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez are officially platinum recording artists

    The ‘bromance’ continues on record: Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez are officially
    platinum recording artists

    You may take the above title literally as the handsome “love team” of phenomenal hit series My Husband’s Lover (2013), Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez continue to make beautiful music via a CD album.

    While Tom confidently carries a tune, having previously recorded an album with an all-male group Voiz Boyz (2010, Star Records), Dennis is still overwhelmed by the fact that he is legitimately a recording artist with the release of TomDen (GMA Records).

    The recording spin-off of the controversial primetime phenomenon has in fact bagged a Platinum Record Award for outstanding sales that exceeded 15,000 units in combined digital and CD sales.

    Comprised of covers, the two talented actors duet in such hits as “Forever,” “Ikaw Ang Sagot,” and “Kailan Man,” as well as the Kuh Ledesma classic and My Husband’s Lover theme song One More Try. Each of them also sings solos in the eight-track CD.

    In joyful disbelief, Dennis told The Manila Times, “Sobrang saya namin na naging successful show yung My Husband’s Lover last year at lalong nakakatuwa na hanggang ngayon nanganganak pa rin yung programa tulad nitong album.”

    The actor, who has won numerous awards for highly challenging roles in his movie career, is honored that the TomDen CD is showing great sales in record stores and online side by side with other titles from his home recording studio such as nine-time Platinum Record awardee Julie Anne San Jose’s Deeper.

    “Nakakagulat talaga!” Dennis ended joking.


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    1. Mr Angel Esteban on

      With the success of their pairing in My Husband’s Lover – what they had were just a continuation of the public interest in their love team. Unusual but it’s also because of their individual talents and personalities. In 65 years, I never watch Pilipino teleserye except this one. My wife and grown up kids were surprised, but I was not alone because many Filipinos worldwide reckoned that it’s very timely to re-assess society’s indifference to those people. Aside from being excellent actors, they deserve accolade in bringing in this lovely album. Their voices complimented each other and they may not be the best in the industry but it’s worth listening because each songs has sit’s own meaning. I hope they will do another album and more in the future. Congratulations TOMDEN and well done.