Tondo through the eyes of a visual artist


Thirty-six new works by visual artist Ciron Señeres are on exhibit since June 21 until July 23 at the Pasilyo Vicente Manansala (2F Hallway Gallery) at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Titled “Gray Horizon” and curated by Ricky Francisco, the exhibit is presented by CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division.

iron Señeres delves into Tondo life

Señeres’ works delve on the life in Tondo, a known area in the heart of Manila where the main slaughterhouse is located. It is notorious for poverty, slums, crime, and the ever present smoke of the fires from the charcoal pits and the burning garbage, which covers the horizon in a gray-black layer of haze and soot.

The struggle for human dignity, despite the tremendous odds, is a drama that unfolds daily in the dingy streets of Tondo, and in all honesty, much of Manila—which Señeres memorializes with Gray Horizon.

Señeres’ 36 artworks are collaged into an artificial horizon

To understand Gray Horizon is to see the beauty in the struggle of common folk. If beauty is easily perceived in National Artist Fernando Amorsolo’s streams and quiet places, Señeres attempts to depict solitude amidst the city’s confusion.

In the 36 works that comprise Gray Horizon, the audience is given a view of the city from its streets where chaos gives way to careful composition under the artist’s watchful eye and keen sense of contrast. It is collaged into an artificial horizon which point to cross sections of the city, the city which Señeres understands.


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