• Toni Gonzaga is a deserving ‘Pond’s Girl’

    Hers is a beautiful story of transformation

    Hers is a beautiful story of transformation

    After all the ruthless bashing that Toni Gonzaga received when she was chosen as one of Pond’s “Most Beautiful Faces,” the skincare brand has definitely made its point: That a woman’s beauty goes beyond physical features, and encompasses the person she has become through her story of struggles and triumph.

    “Ito ang pinaka pangit na naging model ng Pond’s… Dati mga dyosa ang Pond’s Girl, ngayon pwede na yong kagaya ni Toni… Hindi po kami basher ni Toni, nagsasabi lang kami ng totoo na hindi maganda si Toni Gonzaga…”

    These were among the nasty comments posted on the celebrity’s Instagram account following her announcement that she was chosen to be part of such a distinct group of women that have been chosen as Pond’s Girls of their respective generations.

    What Toni’s online bashers were unaware of, however, was that the actress, host and singer was chosen for the iconic title precisely because of the transformation she had undergone over the years.

    On July 10, Toni was officially welcomed into the Pond’s family with a gala at The Peninsula Manila in Makati City, and she admitted, “Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I could be a Pond’s Girl. Because before, when I would line up to audition for Pond’s VTR commercials, ang dami talagang magaganda [there were a lot of beautiful women].”

    She continued, “And I kept thinking, kailan kaya ako malilinya sa mga models at mestiza? Kailan kaya pwedeng Filipina beauty ang mag-endorse ng Pond’s?”

    Finally, Toni’s time has come.

    Inspiring Filipinas
    According to Mian Datu-David, Unilver Philippines’ marketing director for skin, the reason why the company launched Toni as their newest endorser was because they want to inspire Filipino women to embrace their beautiful stories of transformation like her.

    “Every woman wants to be beautiful. But a lot of Filipinas think that beauty is unattainable. They think that beauty is the birth right of a celebrity, or something that is accessible only to the rich,” David explained.

    Because of this prevalent misconception—proof of which are the sentiments of Toni’s bashers—many Filipinas refuse to believe they are beautiful.

    “A lot of Filipinas who aspire to be beautiful simply give up. They are content to believe they are ‘ordinary’,” added the executive. “But we won’t give up on their attitude because we want to inspire women to believe they can be more beautiful than they ever imagined.”

    How will the skincare brand do so? By showing women that behind every beautiful face is a beautiful story. And Toni’s is the perfect example.

    Toni’s transformation
    Her online bashers may not believe it but Toni used to be insecure about her looks as well. During her endorsement launch, she recalled how more than a decade ago, she would always feel discouraged whenever she was among beautiful women.

    “Every time I would line up at auditions and see all the beautiful girls, I’ll ask my dad, ‘Paano tayo makukuha dito? Ang daming maganda.’ Thankfully, my dad always reminded me, ‘Anak hindi ka papasok sa industriyang ito dahil maganda ka, papasok ka dito kasi may talent ka.’”

    And so Toni did through her breakthrough commercial with a softdrink commercial. “Fourteen years ago, I started out as a screaming fan of Piolo in a TVC. And after so many years, I ended up starring in a movie as his leading lady. It has definitely been a beautiful journey,” Toni shared.

    Toni also thanked three people in her life who have always seen her for her “beauty”—her mom and dad, and boyfriend, director Paul Soriano, who also happens to be a Pond’s Man.

    “So today, I couldn’t be any prouder to be part of the beautiful roster of Pond’s girls, who share the same dream to inspire Filipinas that they too can be more beautiful than they ever imagined,” Toni related.

    Julia Barretto

    Julia Barretto

    Beautiful faces
    Similar themes of transformations resonated with the rest of the chosen “Beautiful Faces.”

    For young girls hoping to make their mark in showbiz, Julia Barretto is an inspiration as she carves to be her own woman beyond her famous surname.

    Jasmine Curtis-Smith is also an inspiration for finding the strength to step out of her sister’s shadow and shine on her own.

    Beautiful journeys are also the stories of celebrity moms Cheska Garcia-Kramer who felt more beautiful when she had her children; as well as Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach, whose family life has made her bloom even more.

    Heart Evangelista

    Heart Evangelista

    Completing the beautiful faces for Pond’s latest campaign are Heart Evangelista, Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy, Tricia Gosingtian, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Agoo Bengzon, Apples Aberin, Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, and Hindy Weber Tantoco.


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    1. Usually the bashers, always the one who has something wrong with them (actually most of the time) they are the bully of the web.But there”s always a karma a good one and bad one.The reality is they have very poor persona which it don”t help them to be successful in life.Toni is the perfect choice for the ponds she had all of it, beauty inside out a good servant of god,and work so hard for everything she had,she didn’t step on anyone,she became well known because of her talent,her perseverance,patient and most of all her faith.They can say anything to put her down,but god always put her on top.So…. no matter how many people bash her,it”s always ten times, God will bless TONI GONZAGA….. so it is useless to give them a second of time,Things you do or said, it ‘s always,always… get back to whoever,the truth is,this bashers is the one who define themselves and whoever they idolize.Same personality flocked together.Toni is the person that light up the room when she comes in,she’s sexy without being provocative. For me she’s the epitome of a woman,elegant….sexy……classy with brain,talent and personality. She don’t have to wear dress to make her boobs over flowing off her dress to define her sexy or beautiful,that person who wear that dress in the picture, wear it, because she knows,these are all beautiful woman will be with her,she have to grab attention(what’s it call, attention seeker).If you people notice that all the women’s in the picture dress are classy,not provocative, except the one with the over flowing boobs,because the rest are sure of themselves and are all very accomplished, that’s what you called confident,they had achievement already so they don’t have to seek attention any more,except the very one, the rest are happy and content.Because the bashers don’t pay any attention,I love TONI,Charlene,Cheska Kramer,did I spell her name right? and the rest except the one with the over flowing boobs,Seems like the theme is elegant and classy woman and they’re wearing white.That says a lot of stuff…… chin up TONI you are the star of the group……We LOVE YOU……..may God bless you,for every words bashers had said to you ten times more.Thank you whoever wrote this…May God bless you also….

      • I agree with you RM. Toni is a perfect choice. Maybe, the bashers are just insecure to Toni because they can’t be one of the Ponds Girls. What can they do anyway? Toni is beautiful inside and out. TONI, you deserve to be a Ponds Girl

    2. Toni Gonzaga has always been the “crush ng bayan”. Kaya nga sabay lumigaw diyan mga nag gwagwapuhan tulad nila Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual, & Luis Manzano. Di naman BULAG ANG MGA LALAKING IYAN ! The proof the pudding is in the eating. Kung maraming gwapong lalaki ang nagkakagusto sa iyo. Siguro naman ikaw na talaga ang pinaka magandang babae . Ang dami ng beauty endorsements ni Toni Gonzaga kahit noon pa. She has won several Ms Beautiful Inside and out awards from award giving bodies. I dont think she needs more proof than thaT. There will always be bashers, but the we all have eyes. We can see how PHYSICALLY BEAUTIFUL Toni Gonzaga is. .

    3. Sa mga nagbabash kay toni. Insecure lang kayo. Tingin muna kau sa salamin bago magsalita ng masama sa iba. Hindi niyo ikakasikat yan. Lalong hindi niyo ikinaganda yung pambabash nyo. Toni is beautiful inside and out. She truly deserves to be a Ponds girl.c

    4. Toni deserves to be part of PONDS … bashers maybe don’t know what is the meaning of the real beauty, It has to come from the inside to be expressed outside. :D Two thumbs up for EUDEN VALDEZ

    5. Thank you to whoever wrote this! Thanks for seeing what makes Toni a deserving ponds girl and for making her more beautiful with your article. :)))