• Too many homicidal maniacs driving buses


    Another homicidal maniac went berserk behind the wheel costing several innocent lives Wednesday morning.

    At least four passengers were killed and 30 others injured when a public utility bus (PUB) slammed into the steel post of a marker at the Quezon City-Caloocan boundary on Quirino Ave.

    It is clear that many of these PUB drivers are not skilled or simply refuse to drive properly and, therefore, do not deserve to get licenses.

    This is the nth time that a PUB got involved in this type of incident, which I wouldn’t call an accident.

    According to the survivors, the freak driving the Sapang Palay-bound Valisno Express bus was speeding all the way from Fairview.

    “Sinabihan na po siya ng mga pasahero na magdahan-dahan, hindi pa rin nakinig (Passengers told him to go slow but he didn’t listen),” a woman passenger said. Apparently, the driver did not bear in mind the safety of his passengers.

    The driver was reportedly showing off to an acquaintance. Upon reaching a curve, he lost control of the bus and hit the steel arch.

    The right side of the bus was completely wrecked because of the impact.

    I’m not surprised that the bus driver, George Pacis, survived and managed to flee the bloody scene.

    Ang hayup, hindi pa siya ang namatay! Needless to say, this incident will not likely be the last tragedy to hit the road scene.

    The devastation of the victims’ families and the arrest of the bus driver will not be enough to make bus drivers and motorists in general to change their driving behavior.

    Pacis was arrested by Quezon City Police District (QCPD) at his home in Balagtas, Bulacan, nearly 10 hours after he crushed the crowded bus.

    Pacis should rot in jail his entire life.

    His bus operators must also be charged, especially with the discovery that the company’s Land Transportation Office registration has expired.

    The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) grounded all the 62 units of the Valisno Express bus company. It also required all Valisno buses to undergo road worthiness inspection.

    Valisno drivers will also have to undergo a road safety seminar, drug test and secure a police and NBI clearance.

    However, all these measures are not enough to stop road tragedies.

    There should be more stringent screening of drivers of public utility vehicles. They should be made to undergo rigorous driving test, as well as psychological examinations.

    On the other hand, bus operators should put up a bond in addition to the liability insurance they are required to maintain.

    Of course, there should be stricter traffic enforcement against reckless drivers.



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    1. May nasakyan ako na bus kaskasero ung driver. Nakikipag karera sa isang bus sa Edsa. Binato ko ng bottled water ung hayup na driver, bumagal naman. Kung hindi patay na rin kaming mga pasahero.

    2. Unfortunately, many of our motorists are of the mentality ‘Might is right’. If I’m bigger and more powerful, then it should be YOU who gets out of my way. This extends even to the way motorists ignore pedestrians.
      On another thread, some of these drivers are semi-conscious if not mentally, then physically. I was once on a bus where I observed the driver starting to fall asleep at the wheel several times. I pointed this out to the conductor but predictably, all the Einstein could do was scratch his head and mumble unintelligibly. Fortunately I was travelling only a short distance. I had heard this was because some companies try to cut corners
      by putting as few drivers as possible on shift, forcing them to work longer hours than permitted.
      As usual, monitoring by regulatory agencies was non-existent.

    3. It s always when a bus company’s unit is involved in an accident the authorities start inspecting the fleet and check on the drivers for drugs. Shouldnt this be mandatory for all the bus companires to undergo this checks regularly and not after an accident?

    4. Felimon A. Soria on

      No matter how strict the getting of the driver’s license if there are no policemen or traffic enforcers manning the streets to strictly enforce the traffic laws, it is useless Mr. Tulfo. Everybody knows that when a policeman is seen on the beat watching traffic or just pretending to be watching the traffic, it creates an aura of caution.
      When I say strict enforcement of traffic laws, I meant really strict enforcement. I think you know what I mean.

      • I do hope traffic laws can be more strictly enforced. Even for motorcycles kasi daming naka-motor na ka-counterflow or lumalabas sa lanes nila para mauna sa traffic. Walang disciplina.