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    Whether you like to take pictures on your vacation or simply soak in the sites without a lens, members of travel website and community http://www.virtualtourist.com/”>VirtualTourist.com (http://www.virtualtourist.com) have recommendations on great spots that are not to miss.

    1. View of Swiss Alps in Kandersteg, Switzerland

    Hotel Bernerhof in Kandersteg, Switzerland is a family-run hotel that offers a friendly and romantic vibe in one of the most picturesque and conveniently located villages in the Swiss Alps. Single rooms are of modest size but have all of the comforts. Double rooms range from spacious to enormous, with double sinks, full tubs, and balconies with jaw-dropping views. VirtualTourist members say they doubt you’ll regret a stay here.

    2. View of the Makasutu Forest and Mangroves in The Gambia, Africa

    Known for its “floating lodges” Mandina River & Jungle Lodges in The Gambia is a luxury eco-hotel that consists of lodges set amongst the mangroves in the Makasutu Cultural Forest, while some are tucked amongst the trees with a roof terrace that looks out over the forest. Every lodge is assigned a private guide who consults you each day about your plans. The bird-watching is especially good in this area and of course the views are like no other.

    3. View of Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton Nation Park, Wyoming, USA

    Oxbow Bend is one of the most scenic areas of the park and overlooks the entire range of the Tetons with Mt. Moran having the starring role. Canoeing, wildlife watching and ranger talks are all popular in this area. Bring binoculars and stay awhile as you may spot moose, swans or white pelicans all enjoying the lake. Accessible via a short hike from many of the nearby hotels.

    4. View of Laguna Quilotoa in Ecuadorian Andes

    Laguna Quilotoa is a beautiful volcanic crater lake situated high in the Andes at an altitude of 3900 meters (almost 13,000 feet). Because of the breathtaking views, many visitors enjoy long hikes and stand on the rim of the crater to look down the steep surrounding cliffs. The color of the lake changes depending on how cloudy it is but often it’s a greenish hue due to the high content of dissolved minerals. VirtualTourist members recommend staying at the nearby Hostal Cabanas Quilotoa where getting to the crater is a short walk away.

    5. View of Wave Rock in Hyden, Western Australia

    If you’re looking for a unique Australian outback experience, search no further than Wave Rock in Hyden, Western Australia. A natural rock formation in the shape of a breaking wave, it is about 14 meters high (46 feet) and 110 meters long (360 feet). Members recommend staying at close by Wave Rock Resort and enjoying the walk from the lodging to the site where you’ll traipse through low lying shrub and mud flats.

    6. View of Lynmouth harbour in North Devon, England

    Immerse your senses as you sit inside the luxurious Millers at the Tors hotel in Lynmouth, North Devon, and soak in the sunset over Lynmouth harbor. Take a stroll around the hotel grounds, which are nestled against a beautiful coastline and five acres of woodland, and you may just spot the “Sunset Tree,” a tree situated perfectly that it catches the last sunlight and almost appears to be on fire.

    7. View of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

    Ponte Vecchio is the oldest, and most famous, bridge in Florence — lined with shops on both sides. Most people trek up to Piazzele Michelangelo to get a good view. But VirtualTourist members recommend popping into the Uffizi Gallery and peering out the top floor window for a difference perspective. Many hotels and apartments are in close proximity, making it easy to get to.

    8. View of The Mittens in Monument Valley National Park, Utah, USA

    The View Hotel is a Navajo-owned hotel and the only hotel inside Monument Valley. Carefully designed to blend with the environment. Each room provides an eastern-facing balcony offering a spectacular view of the valley, including “The Mittens.” The hotel is adjacent to the Wildcat Trail, the only hiking trail inside the park that visitors can hike without an escort.

    9. View of High Atlas Mountain Range in Boumalne Dades, Morocco

    The Hotel Xaluca Dades in Boumalne Dades is a converted kasbah yet still has the aspects of being in an ancient castle with modern and contemporary additions such as a swimming pool and rooftop restaurant and wine bar. Rooms offer panoramic views of the Dades Valley and snowy peaks of High Atlas Mountain Range in the background.

    10. View from Vista Do Rei to Sete Cidades in the Azores

    The Azores, just to the west of Portugal in the North Atlantic Ocean, is made up of nine volcanic islands and unbelievable landscape. Vista do Rei, or King’s View lookout point, offers a breathtaking look at twin crater lakes — Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde, named so because of their color. It’s a steep drive up from the coast, where there are a number of hotels, but well worth the trek.




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