• Top 5 reasons to ‘Holiday Inn’


    The new Holiday Inn & Suites Makati is quickly becoming the hottest hotel at Ayala Center—Makati City’s lifestyle district where many international hotel brands have long been established.

    To find out why, The Manila Times was invited for an experiential overnight stay, and in less than 24 hours, five reasons cropped up planning to “Holiday Inn.”


    The Holiday Inn & Suites Makati offers the best location in Ayala Center, right beside the New Glorietta Mall

    1. In the middle of it all
    Location is one of the most important factors tourists and vacationers consider in choosing a hotel, and the Holiday Inn & Suites Makati is right smack in the middle of it all. More “strategically” located than other hotels now, it is directly and conveniently located to the New Glorietta Mall. This means, everything comes easy—from something important like withdrawing money or buying medi- cine; to shopping to one’s heart’s content.

    Moreover, short walks also take hotel guests to a variety of destinations like museums, parks and restaurants, as well as other shopping malls.


    A spacious bed with soft, comfy sheets, and thoughtful pillows hand-sewn with “soft” or “firm”

    2. Dream bedroom
    For The Manila Times, what matters more in a hotel room is not its size, but its little details. And Holiday Inn’s careful and thoughtful features provide such an experience.

    To begin with, the deluxe room has a spacious bed with soft, comfy sheets. What’s more—and very thoughtful indeed—are the pillows embroidered with “soft” and “firm” for the information of guests.

    Besides the bed, everything else is tucked it is own perfect place—a huge LCD TV right in front; duck-down duvets and electrical sockets at the bedside; and air-conditioning control within arm’s reach.

    Meanwhile, for those who never leave work behind, there is long glass table and an ergonomic swivel chair, and most importantly, free WiFi to get everything done.


    Flavors is the hotel’s unique buffet restaurant that presents food selections according to five flavors: Spicy, creamy, savory, fresh and sweet.

    3. Essential dining choices
    The Holiday Inn Makati offers three dining choices namely Flavors Restaurant, Citron Lobby Bar and Oz Bar.

    Flavors is the hotel’s unique buffet restaurant that presents food selections according to five flavors: Spicy, creamy, savory, fresh and sweet. There is something for everyone like the fresh noodles bar, a pasta station, a carving station, a sashimi and sushi section, and endless sweets at the dessert table.

    Meanwhile, the Citron Lobby Bar is another unique concept as it offers a blood group-based menu inspired by the book Eat Right for Your Type written by naturopath physician Peter D’Adamo.

    Finally, the Oz Bar is just the perfect place to hang out with friends as it offers a skyline view of the city. Located on roof deck, Oz is a tequila bar offering signature drinks like the colorful Meztizos and Meztizas.


    Colorful and safe plates and cutleries for kids at the buffet

    4. Child-friendly
    Another notable and laudable characteristic of the Holiday Inn Makati is its child-friendliness.

    In every room, the mini bars carry child friendly options like chocolate eggs and character juices. There are also activity kits containing crayons, pens and books. Lastly, a child favorite is the Holiday Inn teddy bear, which kids always get to bring home after their stay.

    On Sundays, the Flavors also holds the “Funday Brunch” where kids get to enjoy themed activities like tea parties, fashion shows, video games, and animated films screenings.


    What makes Holiday Inn Makati more competitive is its pricing that’s lower than its neighbors

    5. Value for money
    The Holiday Inn & Suites Makati is officially a four-star establishment, based on international standards, but locally, it is considered five-star.

    With service, amenities and additional features at par with more expensive hotels around the block, what really makes the hotel even more competitive is its affordable pricing. Much lower than its neighbors, prices range in between P4,000 and P8,000 depending on occupancy and seasonality.

    To sum up the Holiday Inn & Suites Makati experience, allow The Manila Times to quote its general manager Christian Pirodin: “We’re the new kid on the block but we’re a Holiday Inn Hotel. We carry the brand’s global reputation of service, comfort and value that travelers trust.”


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