Top couturier goes into bath essentials


When it comes to creativity, there is no limit as to how far one can go with passion in tow. This can be said for top fashion designers around the world who in recent years have gone beyond the realm of couture, ready-to-wear, and accessories.

In these shores, the perfect example of this is top couturier Rajo Laurel, who started his bespoke line in 1993 with just one seamstress from a friend’s basement.

Laurel has expanded his label many times outside the realm of fashion

Quickly becoming the toast of the Philippine design scene he and his sister Venisse co-founded House of Laurel in 2000, a boutique fashion house in Makati City. From there, the business expanded from couture to designing staff uniforms for casinos, resorts and hotels.

More than two decades since then, Laurel has jumped at the chance many times to expand his label and get his creative hands on everyday products outside the realm of fashion. As such, he collaborated with a number of companies and lent his design and name on variety of products including perfumes, shoes, cakes, bed linens, notebooks, chrome pens, tumblers, umbrellas and tote bags to name a few.

This year, Laurel has entered into a new collaboration with American Standard, a brand known for innovation in bathroom design and technology. His side of the partnership has been designed to produce an array of customer rewards meant to pamper and enhance one’s bathing experience.

Dubbed “Showers of Happiness,” the multi-tiered consumer promotion lets customers indulge in “stylish showering” with every purchase of select American Standard shower systems. Running until July 31, customers are entitled to premium items, which include a signature Rajo Laurel luxury towel and a Bath Essentials set—comprised of perfume, hand soap, body wash and lotion—personally created and curated by Laurel himself.

The designer’s side of a brand new partnership with an American bathroom fixture legacy brand is to produce an array of bathroom essentials

Known throughout the country and many parts of the world for his passion and innovation the Laurel brand is synonymous with designs that are always new, organic, and sensual, no matter what form.

“Like all my collaborations, I drew from my own personal thoughts and asked myself how can I make such a beautiful product like American Standard even more personal? It was a great challenge as I look at it almost like a legacy brand. Any brand that can last for a hundred years is undoubtedly right. So I was inspired and humbled to be asked to be part of that legacy,” Laurel said at his bath essentials launch.

“I began thinking about what I knew best which is fabric, so I told them let’s get the best towels we can find and create a really chic, cool towel for the collaboration. I have worked with several companies before in the bed and bath world so this was something I knew very well. Once I began the process the creative juices really started flowing like designing the towels and creating a specific linear selvage that would hang wonderfully in any appointed American Standard bathroom set up. I was quite particular with the cotton weight and content so this was a detail that I was happy we were able to achieve,” he added.

According to Laurel, once the towels were sorted, it was when he was inspired to make the shower experience even more special by creating a bath line. Thus, he meticulously worked on each scent and material for the collection.

Overall, Laurel’s pieces can indeed be viewed as works of art. From the design, the workmanship, and artisan quality that justify his myriad of crossovers from fashion.


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