‘Top drug traders operating from jail’


    DRUG TRIAD President Rodrigo Duterte shows a diagram containing the names of the country’s top drug lords.

    THREE Chinese nationals are the country’s top illegal drug traders, protected by a retired police general, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed Thursday night.

    In a Malacañang briefing aired over the government-owned People’s Television network, Duterte named Wu Tuan alias Peter Co, Peter Lim alias Jaguar, and Herbert Colangco alias Ampang as leaders of big drug syndicates operating in the Philippines.

    Co and Colangco are in jail and allegedly directing illegal drug operations from the New Bilibid Prison, while Lim is out of the country.

    Duterte warned the inmates they risked death if they tried to escape.

    “They destroy the country, they’re destroying the youth of the land. My appeal to them, since they are beyond redemption, they can stop and commit suicide because I will not allow these idiots to run their show not during my watch,” Duterte told reporters two days after revealing the names of five police generals involved in the illegal drug trade.

    Duterte specifically pointed to retired Philippine National Police (PNP) deputy director general Marcelo Garbo Jr. as a protector of drug syndicates. A diagram provided to reporters linked Garbo to Co and Lim.

    Duterte bared that Colangco was a member of the Kuratong Baleleng kidnapping syndicate-.

    Co is the head of “Bilibid 19,” a group of convicted drug traffickers detained at the New Bilibid Prison, he said.

    Co’s operations, he added, cover Luzon and Metro Manila.

    Lim, who is reportedly behind the drug trade in the Visayas, goes in and out of the country based on information from PNP chief Director General Ronaldo “Bato” de la Rosa, Duterte said.

    “The moment he lands at NAIA [airport], he will die. That is my assurance to the Filipino people,” he declared.

    Solicitor General Jose Calida, who briefed reporters after a Cabinet security cluster meeting, said Garbo was the “coddler” of the top drug dealers.

    “According to briefing we received earlier, he’s level five associate/protector. In short, coddler,” Calida said of Garbo.

    Under the Dangerous Drugs Law, the same penalty is given to a drug lord, trafficker and coddler, he said.

    Aside from Garbo, named by the President on Tuesday as protectors of drug syndicates were Director Joel Pagdilao, Chief Supt. Edgardo Tinio, Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz and retired chief superintendent Vicente Loot.

    All have denied the allegation and vowed to cooperate in government investigations.
    Garbo claimed the President was given “wrong and poisonous” information.

    Mayors included

    The President also bared that a number of mayors were involved in drugs, but said he needed to verify the intelligence information he had received.

    “Maraming mayor dito, we have a mayor sa Mindanao, babae pa [There are a lot of mayors here, we have a mayor in Mindanao, a woman at that],” Duterte said.

    “I don’t want to condemn a person with what I think is insufficient information to include them in the matrix [of drug lords and their protectors],” Duterte added.
    Calida said the President would reveal more names soon.

    “Chinese nationals, PNP, BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) executives, LGU (local government unit) executives, other persons of interest, Duterte will divulge their identities in succeeding press conferences,” Calida said.


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    1. Jill Valentine on

      Now you my dear Philippine friends,are fortunate to have a strongman who has the right
      traits,personality and intentions,to change the country for the better. You had a strongman before who also had all the right stuff to make changes but unfortunately did not have the right intentions. President Duterte may be your last hope to lift the Philippines out of the sorry state of its economy and governmental order,among others.
      I and many observers do not see any political figure lurking around who even close to his persona. So this the break you that have prayed for. But can he stay long enough or bluntly put live long enough ,to effect the necessary changes ,given the many enemies that he has created and still creating in the implementation of his drastic measures? Ask me and I would say he should be protected like a crystal to sustain a lasting tenure in office for this gift to the Filipino people.

    2. Please avoid collateral damage. Do not meet with friends that are drug pushers, users. Do not go near places where they sell drugs or use drugs. Anybody maybe be killed due to guilt by association. If for some reason by mistake you get caught, bring your mother and barangay officers with you to avoid accidental killings. Even in jail, bring them where they can see you.

    3. I always thought that the drug menace in our country is orchestrated by China. Not only the Chinese CCP wanted to destroy the people but to weaken the country resolved in pursuing Chinese illegal activities in our country. Therefore, the best way is to execute those three Chinese Drug Lords and let’s see who will protect them. Thank you President for your tough stance on drug, corruption and crimes. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

    4. joel mayores on

      “The moment he lands at NAIA [airport], he will die. That is my assurance to the Filipino people,” he declared.

      ……please do it…

    5. Why these persons only divulge during the time of President Rodrigo Duterte? My question here also for how long they are in operation? Are our past administrations were coddling them?

    6. Ignacio Balbutin on

      Yes, all those who are involve in this drug menace including all those from the previous administration beginning from the former President should be investigated. How can these drugs pushers operate freely from the inside the jail is beyond my understanding. We can only conclude that they enjoyed protection not only from the scalawag generals but from the politicians too. Investigate them all Mr. President from the former President to the kagawad

    7. armando flores on

      The cart is ahead of the horse. The alleged PNP generals coddling drug lords are already tried and convicted on the mere say so of the president. Hope none of these generals is actually innocent. But what if they are or just anyone of them is actually innocent? Pity their families. Whether guilty or innocent, they were already condemned by the negative publicity hurled against them. Nonetheless, these PNP generals and the drug lords now in jail that they allegedly coddled and protected are quite lucky. They were not summarily executed compared to the lesser suspected street pushers and users being killed daily. Hope again that none of them is actually innocent or is being killed by the police to cover-up their own involvement in the illegal drug trade and that this campaign of terror allegedly targeting those involved in the drug business is not designed just to eliminate competition that would benefit another drug cartel.

      • Mr. Armando F., if,you are in doubt of the accusations of president Duterte,it does not mean, he is wrong,…while,he has preponderance of evidences, yours is just a product of your corrupt imagination. Why don’t you just wait for news developments, instead, of arguing with yourself & listening to radio & tv charlatans? It’s still July 8,& decisive progress has lifted up the spirits of innocent civilians who cry for justice for their kins & friends killed by drug-crazed maniacs, & concerned citizens who laud & believe in the promise of our president to rid our streets of addicts, holduppers, snatchers,human traffickers & other criminals operating in our community.By the way, start to read & listen more to credible commentaries,& likely, you won’t be misled,anymore.

    8. Leila de Lima is the culprit. BJMP is under her jurisdiction and these drug lords are actively operating under her. She might be one of the members of the triad. Since we had a weak president, De Lima can operate as they wish.

      • Gor ypur info, bjmp is not under sec de lima of doj. Sec delima now senator formerly heads doj and has jurisdiction over Bureau of Corrections with its 7 penal colonies to include New Bilibid Prison and correctional institute for women

    9. Matino na Pinoy on

      Executives such as members of the last administration cabinet? Yes indeed! It is common knowledge that couple of ex cabinet members, couple of active senators, few congressmen/ women, and couple employees from DOJ of previous administration were/ are deeply involved with illegal drugs. These people have enriched themselves and the President needs to design or plan some type of clandestine operations to find out the foreign bank accounts and properties of these subjects, by asking U.S. Embassy’s help. Most likely, U.S. is their favorite place to go. Include the name of Antonio Trillanes IV and all his applicable close relatives. He has made a lot of money from the Chinese, when PNoy was sending him to China as a back door envoy. DU30 should make sure to ask Panelo about the legalities of this.

      The same method was used when the they traced Napoles property and the late CJ Corona’s hidden wealth. Corona bought a house for one of his daughter, married and living in California. The property cost was almost half million dollars and was paid in cash because the title was only in the name of his daughter, and the son-in-law was not included. A curious media asked CJ onetime if what kind of job his daughter have in California, and he responded Physical Therapist. This alone can conclude that the money used in buying that house did not come from his daughter’s savings.

      • Half a million dollar house in North America is nothing really and anyone can buy it if they live and work in that place!

    10. Floyd H Clingenpeel on

      Okay, you do not want to name names without more verification of information you have. Good. But question, how many women mayors are there in mindinao?

      • Don’t be angry with the President who’s only intention is for the good of you and me.

        Let’s support him in his fight against this evil.

    11. Good job Mr. President, terminate them all who are the cancer of our society