Top Republican Ryan swept up in Trump firestorm


WASHINGTON, D.C.: With one eye on Donald Trump’s implosion and another on maintaining his party’s majority in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan is the man in the middle – struggling with whether to stand by the Republicans’ man, or bail.

For the past year as the nation’s top elected Republican, Ryan’s role has been to keep the House of Representatives – and its raucous, fractured Republicans – on an even keel, while shepherding conservative legislation through Congress and onto the president’s desk.

But he is clearly walking a tightrope as he navigates an unprecedented presidential race and his party’s shoot-from-the-hip nominee.

After hesitating to come on board with Trump earlier this year, he has sought for months now to reconcile his party with the controversial billionaire non-politician at the top of the ticket.

But on Monday he appeared to have had enough, telling hundreds of fellow House Republicans on a conference call that he would no longer “defend” Trump, and instead spend the remainder of the campaign focusing on protecting the Republican congressional majorities.

It was an unprecedented breach between the intellectual leader of the Republican Party and its nominee in the late stages of a US presidential campaign.

The extraordinary move means Ryan has concluded that down-ballot candidates are at increasing risk of going down with Trump, whose campaign has been in free-fall since the release of a 2005 video in which he was caught making lewd remarks about women.

The speaker said he would work to keep Congress in Republican hands, in order to ensure that the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would not get a “blank check” from a Democratically controlled House and Senate.

Stunned analysts saw it as a hammer blow to Trump’s already wilting chances of defeating Clinton on November 8.

Combative Trump

But Trump himself sounded downright combative, tweeting it was “so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.”

“I don’t want his support,” Trump snapped Tuesday on Fox News. “I don’t care about his support.”
On Wednesday he piled on, complaining that Republican leaders were engaged in “a whole sinister deal” to deprive him of support.

Some Republicans were furious at Ryan for distancing himself from the nominee, including congressman Steve King of New York.

“The better Donald Trump does, the better everybody out here on the ticket does all across America,” King told CNN.

That is not true in every case, said presidential historian David Pietrusza, who argues that whether Trump helps or hurts a lawmaker will vary from district to district.

It is a dangerous move either way,” said Pietrusza, 66.

For Ryan, a conservative Catholic who said he was disgusted by Trump’s recorded remarks, distancing himself from the nominee was less a matter of political calculation than “a question of living with yourself.”


Ryan, just 46, was considered a “young gun” when he entered Congress from Wisconsin in 1999: wonkish and handsome with a midwestern reserve, brimming with confidence and smarts, and apparently eager to climb the political ladder.

By 2012, he emerged as Republican Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, and suddenly was a household name. When Romney lost to incumbent Barack Obama, many openly spoke of Ryan as the party’s future.

But Ryan sees his immediate task as maintaining the Republican status quo in Congress.

The conservative wing of the party, known as the Freedom Caucus, has fought the Republican leadership at nearly every turn, and some were livid at Ryan’s move against Trump.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher called him “cowardly.”

Trump running mate Mike Pence, who said he was “offended” by his boss’s language in the tape but ultimately stood by him, expressed disappointment with Ryan.


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  1. John Chameleon on

    America is having a foundation trickster and a con-man as candidates. Either who wins, the gullible America is sure to be in a bind as what it went through today.

  2. The truth of the matter is Paul Ryan is unknown here in America, even though he was a losing candidate with Romney. Ryan has no effect on Trump’s candidacy. Trump today is behind in polls. However, he will be the winner. Why? Just look at the crowd on every rally of Donald. People clamor for Donald Trump. Look at the crowd of Hilary’s losing credibility caused by her performance as secretary of estate added to the women’s complaints in connection with Bill Clinton as Atty General and as being impeached president of the USA by the lower house. On top of all, many Americans were dumbed when they voted for Obama. Hilary hopefully shall not be the extension of Obama. Otherwise, America will stay stagnant in economy, military, foreign affairs, if Trump lost. We do not want America to be a socialist democracy. Majority of the Americans must stand in their own feet, instead of waiting for handouts. Filipino-Americans in America are not only intelligent, but had workers. Even the median income of our KABABAYAN are relatively higher than the working whites, much more so, better in other minorities. Even in college education, we are ahead. This make me wonder why most of our KABABAYAN are leaning towards Hilary, who could be a welfare and socialist president. Think about this, my co-Phil-Ams.

  3. Megyn Kelly is seriously just as bad as anyone on CNN, MSNBC, or any other leftist hack posing as a journalist and ignoring the deeply engrained corruption in the Clinton campaign that’s been exposed by Wikileaks so they can talk about the phony ass allegations against Trump, obviously coordinated by Hillary Clinton and the New York Times, who were busted colluding with one another in the dumps from Wikileaks over the past few days.
    Meanwhile, these are all the same people who called Bill Clinton’s accusers ‘tramps,’ ‘bimbos’ and anything else you could imagine. Plus, let’s not forget, that when Bill was busted he and Hillary, accompanied by the leftist media and the Democrat Party, all claimed the accusations against him were ‘personal’ and had nothing at all to do with how he performed his job. Yes, that’s what the media and Hillary all said, yet there’s Michelle Obama out there today lamenting about Trump?
    Please… Hypocrisy much?
    Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe every sexual assault victim should be believed. However, the timing of this, the fact they’re all saying the exact same things, and the fact that the New York Times is one of Hillary’s ‘favorite’ media outlets, as revealed by Wikileaks, makes me seriously, seriously doubt their story.
    Plus, Trump has been in the spotlight for how long? Suddenly these women feel the moral obligation to speak out now, because they don’t want him to influence the nation as its leader?
    Newsflash, people, Trump has been influential in this nation for as long as he’s been famous, and he’s been famous for a long time. To say that seeing him at the debate and hearing the audio of him is what pushed you to speak out because you wanted people to know who he is isn’t only unbelievable, it’s outrageous considering that the same man had a hit TV series loved by millions and has been in the spotlight for decades yet not a single one of you felt the need to shine light on who ‘he really is.’
    If you want to know why this election has gone into the gutter, don’t look at Trump, look at the woman who’ll do ANYTHING to win and the media who’s more than willing to go along with it, SMFH…

  4. Here we go again. Still this AFP is protecting lyingcrookedhillary. I think you are protected by the globalists who own the cable media including the new york times and washington post.