• Top taxpaying professionals named


    The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in its latest Tax Watch Campaign ad named the top taxpayers among the professionals in the country.

    Citing data from the Department of Labor and Employment, the tax bureau said that there are now 3.2 million Filipino professionals in 50 registered professions in the Philippines.

    Of the 50 registered professionals, only five professions emerged in the top taxpayers list. These include lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists, advertisers and architects.

    The ad said that out of 65,398 lawyers in the Philippines, only 19 lawyers were among the BIR’s top taxpayers. Seasoned lawyer Estelito Mendoza emerged as the top taxpayer among lawyers, paying P56.59 million income taxes.

    Second is lawyer Felipe Gozon, the chairman and chief executive officer of GMA Network Inc., who paid P20.91 million, while TV5 president and lawyer Ray Espi–nosa came in at third with P15.39 million.

    The ad also showed that of the 145,209 accountants in the country, only eight certified public accountants (CPAs) are top taxpayers.

    Lorenzo Tan, Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) president and chief executive officer, topped other CPAs by paying P33.16 million in income taxes. He was followed by Eugene Mateo, president of TVI Resource Development, who paid P13.10 million, while businessman Roberto Ongpin came in at third with P7.43 million.

    Meanwhile, of the 176,048 doctors and dentists in the country, Splash Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rolando Hortaleza (P12.32 million) and Levi Labra (P9.38 million) are the only doctors that were included in the top taxpayers list.

    In advertising industry, Gerardo Baes is the only advertiser that was among the top taxpayer paying P47.90 million.

    The ad noted that of the 29,892 architects, Carmelo Casas (P27.56 million), Bernadette Ching (P14.81 million), Henry Chua (P12.27 million) and Arturo Corpuz (P11.61 million) were among the top taxpayers.

    The BIR ad also showed that not even one of the 1,984 interior designers was included in the top taxpayers list.


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